Solitaire for Android FAQ

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Q. I don't like advertising. Can I turn off the ads?

Advertising is how we support the development and delivery of this product. It is important for our customers to understand that these ads allow us to maintain the quality of our app while offering it for free.

If there is a particular ad that is causing you problems, please send information about the ad to our customer support at Please include a description of the ad (and a screen shot if possible), the type of device you are using, and a detailed description of the problem. Thank you!


Q. The application freezes and I cannot play a game.

Go to the Device Settings, tap Applications, tap Manage applications, and find the application in the list (i.e. Solitaire, FreeCell and Spider), tap to open, then tap the Force Stop button on the application. You may now restart the application from your home screen.

If the Force Stop does not work restart your device by powering it all the way off and then back on.


Q. Why are there objectionable Nicknames on your Leaderboards and in Multiplayer games?

We are sorry that you found objectionable material within our game. We try to keep our games free from this by screening nicknames and other data, but because this information is entered by end-users, as well as imported from other services like Apple, Facebook, Google, etc., we have limited control over what is displayed. Just like other companies and their services, we must also rely on the community to report objectionable material that may get through our screening process. 

If you could provide a screen shot of the occurrence and send it to, it would greatly assist our efforts in finding the material you have reported and would be much appreciated. If you feel the objectionable material has come from a system/service provided to us by another company, you can also report your concerns to that company. For your convenience, there are links to some of their information below. Apple -
Google -
Facebook -


Q. I can only make one pass through the card deck and then I get a red 'X.' What does this mean?

You are playing Vegas scoring rules, which limits the number of times you can pass through the stock deck. You can change scoring options in the Settings Menu.


Q. Can I play a multiplayer game with an iPhone™ user?

No, cross-platform games (games between Android devices and devices that run on a different operating system) are currently unavailable in our app. This version of Solitaire will match you with a random Android-user.


Q. Is there a list of devices on which Solitaire will run correctly?

Solitaire should run on devices that run Android 2.1 (Eclair) or later. However, given our current resources, we were unable to test every device that runs these versions of the operating system.

This is a list of devices which we have tested and approved for compatibility with Solitaire:

    Motorola - Droid X2
    Google(HTC) - Nexus One
    Google(HTC) - Nexus One
    HTC - Evo 4G
    LG - Optimus V
    HUAWEI - Ascend
    Archos - 28
    Motorola - Triumph
    Samsung - Nexus S
    Samsung - Galaxy S 4G
    Motorola - Droid


Q. What's the difference between a Random Deal and a Winning Deal?

A Random Deal is one that simulates an actual Solitaire game by dealing a player completely random cards. It is possible that games that are dealt in this nature may not be solvable.

Winning Deals are Random Deals that have at least one known solution. It is guaranteed that there is a way to solve these deals, but it is not guaranteed that a player will make the correct series of moves to solve the deal. A Winning Deal is not necessarily an easy one to win.


Q. Why does it feel like the game is so hard to win?

In an attempt to make the game play as true as playing with an actual deck of cards, the game uses a mix of shuffling algorithms which employ random number generators that are supplied in the operating system each device is equipped with.

What you are probably experiencing is a streak that occurs in any system that generates random outcomes. Imagine producing a very long series of coin flips. If the series is long enough you may eventually see 8 or 10 straight flips in a row of heads or tails, maybe more. Despite these "streaks", the conditional odds of getting a head or a tail is still 50%. As Solitaire involves an element of luck (the Random Deal) and an element of skill (your ability to find the winning solution, if there is one), these streaks could be even longer.


Q. Are there Android devices that don't support Solitaire?

In addition to the minimum Android requirements, devices must have a screen size large enough to display the minimum functionality of Solitaire. However, no minimum screen size is actually declared because resolution is a factor in whether the app can run or not.


Q. Can I play against my friends?

That’s a great question; you must be familiar with our iOS version. This version of Solitaire for Android does include multiplayer gameplay. However, you aren't currently allowed to choose who you play against (players are matched up randomly). To stay informed about any changes we make to multiplayer in the future, you can follow us via Social Media. Thanks!

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Q. How do I update the app?

Press the "Menu" button on your phone. Select "My Apps." Wait for the Market to list the apps you currently have. If there is an update available for one of your apps, it will say "Update" in red on the right side of the screen, across from the name of the app.

Tap on Solitaire if there is an update available for it. Then press the "Update" button.

Press the "OK" button. A warning will appear asking if you are sure you want to update the app. Press the "OK" button within that warning box. Wait for your update to finish downloading; when it finishes, your phone will automatically install the update.


Q. Why can't I even install Solitaire on my device?

There are some devices that MobilityWare knows will not meet our minimum requirements. To save people frustration, Solitaire will not install on those devices.


Q. How can I report a problem with your app when I am unable access the Settings Menu to use the in-app customer support?

You can email customer support directly at The more information that you can provide for us, the better chance we have of being able to diagnose your problem. If you can include the version number of Solitaire that you are playing, a detailed description of the problem, a screen shot of the problem (if possible), the type of device you are using and the version of the device software, it would be greatly appreciated.


Contacting MobilityWare

If you do not find the answer you are looking for, or if you have other issues or suggestions, contact our customer support at Along with a detailed description of your suggestion or issue, please include the name and version of the app, as well as the type of device you are using and the version of the device software (Apple operating system) that is running on the device. The more information that you provide to us, the better we can serve you. Thank you.