Aug 28

Rejected for your Apple Watch App? Here’s 4 Tips!

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sol watch pic

Our Solitaire app is played by millions of people all over the world, and we’re constantly improving and tweaking the game to make it even better for our users. When it comes to Solitaire, we thought we had it all down. When the Apple Watch was released, we thought we could release our app on it without a problem…but instead, our initial submission was rejected! Our adaptive culture kicked in, and we decided to improve and learn how to successfully release Solitaire on the Apple Watch. Our VP of Product Development, Robert Jackson, dishes out the four things we learned from this rejection:


1. Take a cohesive approach: when it comes to the Apple Watch, simpler is better!

2. A clean screen is an approved screen: assets on the screen need a little room to breathe, but leaving unnecessary space will create less accurate touch recognition.

3. Control your controls: create simple controls that maximize accuracy for the player.

4. Set guidelines: establish a set of principles that you learned, which will help streamline your next release.


This topic was so popular that we even made it on Yahoo’s first page! If you’d like to read deeper into the subject, check out the original article: VentureBeat

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Aug 20

MobilityWare names Jeff Erle as our new CEO!

Jeff Linkedin

At our 25th anniversary company retreat in Hawaii, we announced Jeff Erle as MobilityWare’s new CEO. Formerly our COO, Jeff has held numerous executive positions prior to his hire in MobilityWare. He even ran his own consulting practice for companies to develop their long-term goals, and he strongly believes in High Performance Teams. On a more personal level, Jeff is a cheerful and optimistic person who is always motivating and inspiring others, and is constantly improving the happiness of MobilityWare employees. He’s going to be implementing great things for the company moving forward, and we couldn’t be happier to learn about his new position! Congratulations Jeff!


Wanna know more about Jeff and MobilityWare? Check out all the buzz from a few of these sources:





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Jul 9

ALOHA! MobilityWare’s 25th Anniversary makes a splash in Hawaii

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Welcome Reception Hawaii MobilityWare employees having a blast at the Welcome Reception (Grand Staircase, Hilton Waikoloa Village)

Last week was MobilityWare’s 25th anniversary. We love to brag about our great work environment, fun events, and how spoiled we are overall…but our company-sponsored trip last week will really put things into perspective. Both of our co-founders are Hawaiian, so what better place to celebrate the company’s 25 year anniversary than Hawaii?! No words can describe the wonderful experience we had on the Big Island, and we have pictures to prove it!

We stayed at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, which is a resort that might as well be a whole town! It’s 62 acres large, which means there’s plenty of things to see and do. We started off our trip at the Grand Staircase (picture above), with delicious food (yes, we had SUSHI!) and endless Mai Tais. To make things better, each employee was able to pick one person to bring with us to the trip, with all expenses paid! Coworkers, friends, and families gathered together to celebrate our company’s milestone, which made the trip even more sentimental.

Afterwards, we were left to have our own adventures. Some people tried out restaurants in the resort, others retreated back to their rooms to rest from the airplane ride. Take a look at this breathtaking view from our rooms:

Resort View

There were too many things to do on the resort and outside the resort, but we’ll give you some of the best highlights!


hike-picA group hiked the Big Island’s beautiful mountains early in the morning, and even ran into some wild horses!

catamaranOne group even filled up a whole catamaran snorkel cruise! The ocean wildlife was beautiful and very colorful.

manta-raySome went night diving to watch the manta rays! Look at how large it is, you could probably sleep in there!

What is a Hawaii trip without a luau? MobilityWare had that covered too. Our party was so big that we had a private luau just for MobilityWare! Take a look at our crowd!

luau-danceWe learned hula as a group at the luau, and feasted on some delicious Hawaiian dishes!

Aside from all the other amazing memories, we would like to highlight that one of our own, Kristina, got engaged during the trip. We also named Jeff Erle as our new CEO, which is very exciting news! It was an unforgettable trip, which wouldn’t have been as great as it was without awesome coworkers and the coolest company founders. Thank you MobilityWare, for all the memories and for spoiling us every single day! Mahalo!

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