Feb 18

Guess who’s rated as the Best Blackjack App?

Blackjack win


We’re excited to announce that our Blackjack app has been chosen by appPicker as one of the “Best Blackjack Apps for iPad”! appPicker is a website where you can find the latest news about iOS apps and Apple, along with reviews on thousands of apps. It’s an honor to be a top choice by appPicker, amid hundreds of other Blackjack apps in the App Store!


appPicker had plenty of good things to say about our Blackjack game:


“Learn about the strategies of playing blackjack by using this app”

“Sums up why we still fall hard for apps like these”

“Simulates the feeling of winning big”

“Never lose big ever again”

“Fair AI opponents”

“Practice your skills on this app before going in for the real thing”


We aim for our apps to be simple and classic; we want to give our users a Blackjack app that makes you feel like you’re in the casino, and we’re grateful to know that we were successful!

If you don’t have time to hit up Vegas this weekend, just pull out your phone and play our Blackjack app here, and have Vegas come to you!

You can check out appPicker’s full article here.


We’re ecstatic to be included in appPicker’s list, but we want to know what our users think. Please let us know in the comments below if you agree with appPicker’s review!

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Jan 23

♪ There was a com-pa-ny Game Night and Bingo was its name-o! ♫

the blackjack expert

Last night, MobilityWare kicked off the first Game Night of 2015. What is Game Night? Game Night is when everyone in the office shuts off our computers and assembles in our Fun Zone lobby to get wild.

IMG_0269The DJ is getting his groove on!

Okay, we’re not THAT crazy, but we admit that it’s difficult to stay calm when we’re hosting a Bingo Night, complete with a food, drinks, and an awesome DJ! Let’s celebrate a few of our lucky winners:

robert winHe’s trying to hold back his excitement…


alicia win…while she, on the other hand, still seems shocked from winning a Bingo

Here’s probably our most excited winner of all, winning with a Blackout Bingo:

jeff winThis is what you get when the happiest man on Earth wins Blackout Bingo

The fun doesn’t stop there. After Bingo, some of us played Super Smash Bros while others congregated around board games. Have any of our readers out there played Telestrations? It’s like a hybrid of Pictionary and Telephone where players draw the word, pass it to the next player to guess, and brace for things to go awry.

telestrations group

Game night at MobilityWare happens at least once a month, but we wish it could happen every night! We’re so fortunate to have a great group of coworkers that can get together to chill back and share a few laughs.


What about you? What are some of your favorite games to play with friends? Go ahead and shoot them in the comments below!

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Dec 24

MobilityWare’s Holiday Party and Surprise Summer Destination!!

Christmas Party Header Pic

We held our annual Christmas party this past Saturday at Orange Hill Restaurant, a restaurant perched on top of a hill that overlooks beautiful Orange County. It was a splendid night: coworkers were merry, gifts were exchanged, and goodies were raffled away. “Goodies” is an understatement – take a look at Brian’s prize for example:

Brian Christmas Party

Can you believe it?! That’s a Macbook Air! Oh, it gets better. After the raffle, our CEO walked to the front of the room to present our company’s anniversary trip. Everyone expected to go to Las Vegas again, which is what we usually do every year. He pulled up a map of the Las Vegas Strip with markers indicating which hotels we haven’t stayed at in the previous years. Maybe we could vote on which hotel to stay at next? The Cosmopolitan? Caesar’s Palace? The Venetian?

No way! 2015 will be the company’s 25th anniversary, and our founders knew it had to be extra special.



hawaii slideshow

After the announcement, the room went berserk. We could barely hear our CEO speak over everybody’s roaring cheers. Can you blame us?! Thank you so much MobilityWare, we are so spoiled!

More details will be coming out soon, but for now, we hope everyone has a great Christmas!

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