Dec 15

Spreading Christmas Cheer: Adopt-A-Family Results

8462231658_4b6bbfc629_z“Christmas Tree — Longwood Gardens Conservatory (PA) December 2012” by Ron Cogswell on Flickr is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (license)


No child should ever go through Christmas without a present. Not every family has the resources to make this possible, but with a little teamwork, we can make these children’s wishes come true. A couple of weeks ago, we adopted children from two families through the Nana’s Kidz program. Today is the deadline for giving these six children the presents they requested; check out the results. Don’t let the boxes fool you, there’s a lot more goodies in there than you think!

20141215_103541Presents for the 16 year old boy

20141215_103557Presents for the 16 year old girl

20141215_103606Presents for the first 14 year old girl

20141215_103615Presents for the 8 year old girl

20141215_103642Presents for the second 14 year old girl

20141215_103651Presents for the 3 year old boy

Overall, we contributed around 150 presents! That’s a pretty sweet stash! We can only imagine the looks on these children’s faces once they open up their presents on Christmas day. We hope it’ll be the perfect cherry on top for their celebration, but we know that the most precious gift they could have is spending time with their loved ones.


Christmas is only ten days away! What are your plans for giving back to the community? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dec 10

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Hopefully those of you who celebrate Christmas have already decorated your homes and cubicles, since Christmas is only two weeks away! Here at Mobilityware, we jumped at the chance of decorating our office immediately, not just because there’s a decorating contest, but also to bring out the holiday spirit!


Okay, maybe it is because there’s a decorating contest. But if there weren’t a contest, would we still see such lovely decorations, like this one?

20141208_075523Someone keep an eye on that elf…nobody wants to wake up with a shaved eyebrow.


What about Santa’s early presents, dropped off for those on his nice list?

20141210_112112Aren’t those file drawers? Maybe they weren’t on Santa’s nice list after all?


Do you want to build a snowman? Yes, it is possible to have snowmen in Southern California.

SnowmenWho needs snow? Presenting evergreen snowmen, exclusively at Mobilityware.

It’s not easy to work at home, so we brought home to the office!

20141210_113957Grab a hot cup of cocoa and warm your hands by the paper fireplace.


Last but not least, the holiday decorations would be incomplete without the magnificent office Christmas tree! Don’t let the picture fool you, because this tree is HUGE. The star barely has any room at the top!

20141210_114513The red stocking ornaments on the tree has the name of every single Mobilityware member. Can you count them all?

We know you’re SO excited to find out who will win the contest; stay tuned for the announcement! In the meantime, take some pictures of your own holiday decorations and share it with us. We’re always open to new decorating ideas!


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Dec 5

Holiday Adopt-A-Family

Thanksgiving may be over, but Christmas is just around the corner! It’s the best time of the year to be giving, whether or not you believe in celebrating the holidays. During this time, we are able to reflect on the abundance in our lives while loved ones surround us and realize that not everyone has the same luxury. If you need any ideas for charities you can participate in, check out what we’re currently doing for Christmas!


Nana's Kidz black bg

Nana’s Kidz, a program by Grandma’s House of Hope

Nana’s Kidz is a program that supports children in homeless living conditions, with necessities such as food, essential supplies, and presents for Christmas. We “adopted” six children between the ages of 3-16 years old. Each star pictured above is a child’s request, and these are currently posted up in our charity station. Once the wish has been fulfilled, we can finally take down the star. Hopefully our “star board” will be empty by December 15, and make all of these children’s wishes come true!


Do you have any charities in mind that we could participate in after this event? Please shoot them in the comments below!

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Nov 26

Food Drive Results

8069135368_cc593c4a19_z“Thanksgiving Turkey” by Ruocaled on Flickr is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (license)

We can’t believe that Thanksgiving is less than a day away! Hopefully you’re all set to gather with family and friends around a massive turkey to kick off the holiday season. Before we head home today, let’s remember everything we are thankful for in our lives because there are others out there that don’t have the same comfort and resources.

Remember that canned food drive we began a couple of weeks ago? Take a look at our progress:



Did we meet our goal? You BET we did. We surpassed our 310 goal last week, and the donations still kept pouring in! We hope that our efforts helped kindle the warmth of Thanksgiving cheer and made at least a small difference for the less fortunate.


If you ever need a reminder of how fortunate you are, take a look here! Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving everyone!


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Nov 19

Ping Pong Tournament Champions

It’s been almost a month since we kicked off our Ping Pong Tournament. As the weeks passed by, many of us were eliminated to make way for those with unmatched ping pong skills. We were on the edge of our seats, watching to see who would be declared the Ping Pong Champion during the much-anticipated finals match yesterday. Out of the 24 initial contestants, we funneled it down to the final three. Give it up for your 2014 MobilityWare Ping Pong Tournament Champions!

First Place: Scott Hillier

Second Place: Doug Libby

Third Place: Jaxon Fang

20141119_133410From left to right: Jaxon Fang, Scott Hillier, and Doug Libby

Congratulations to our three finalists – with sweat and tears, they prevailed against the tough competition.

Wondering what’s up next in the MobilityWare office? Maybe a DOUBLES Ping Pong Tournament! Who knows?! Stay tuned, because you’ll be the first to find out!

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Nov 12

Sharing is Caring: MobilityWare Gives Back

4014605524_7a6887f266_o“Thanksgiving Dealies” by Martin Cathrae on Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (license)


Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and people are already making plans about where to hold dinner, who’s cooking the turkey, and who’s bringing the pumpkin pie. It’s that time of the year when you feel the fuzziness of having a warm, pleasant time with family and friends the most, and realizing that not everybody is as lucky to have the same resources. We definitely know we can’t magically snap our fingers and fix this problem for everybody, but we’ll try our best!

We’ll be teaming up with our local “Second Harvest Food Bank” to spread the Thanksgiving cheer. This food bank serves charity organizations who feed more than 200,000 hungry people in Orange County. We’ll be racking up as much money and as many cans as possible before the November 25 deadline, just in time for Thanksgiving day.




This area of the office is what we call “Donation Central.” In case any of us don’t have any cans at home, we have the option to buy a paper “can” for $2 as contribution. It was set up last Thursday evening, and the picture above is what we found on Friday morning. On Monday, our stash looked like this:



And yesterday:



Our goal is to reach at least 310 cans (hey, that number sounds vaguely familiar) by the deadline, but we’ll definitely surpass that number from the looks of it! Keep it up everyone! We’ll keep you updated with our progress.


What are your Thanksgiving plans? Give us some ideas in the comments below!

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Nov 5

Wine, Steak, and Good Vibes: Mobile UA Fellowship Dinner

Category: Events

Flemings front


Everyone knows that Northern California has its massive pool of developers, but that doesn’t mean us Southern Californians should be left out! GDC Next was held on Monday, Nov. 3rd and Tuesday, Nov. 4th at the LA Convention Center, and brought the video game community together to cover topics that will help spring their games to success. It was the perfect bait to draw in all the mobile developers in one area…


…for the first-ever Southern California Mobile UA Fellowship dinner! Since our CEO Dave Yonamine is the chapter president of this fellowship for the whole SoCal region, he felt it was only appropriate that MobilityWare host this special dinner.


Dinner turnoutYou can’t tell me this dinner wasn’t crackin’!

Mondays are known for being treacherous and boring, but there’s no such thing in the mobile developer’s world. I mean, did you look at the picture above?! MobilityWare hosted it at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse in L.A. Live this past Monday, just across the street from GDC Next…and the turnout was a success!


David Wei and Chris Kingsley sillyChris Kingsley, Co-Founder of Rebellion Games (left) and David Wei, Head of Business Development at SkyMobi (right). They’re obviously having a great time.


The dinner was exquisite, the room was lively, and guests chatted with old friends and made new acquaintances. Of course, this memorable night wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. We’d like to give a shout out to the following companies for their generous contributions:








We would also like to give special thanks to one of our own, Claudia Avitabile, for organizing the event. The dinner wouldn’t have been as awesome as it was without our sponsors and Ms. Avitabile. THANK YOU!


We’ll organize a dinner even bigger and better next year… or hopefully even sooner than that! Until next time.

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Nov 3

Costume Contest Winners

Last Friday, we held a costume contest to celebrate Halloween. There were three categories: Most Creative, Most Realistic, and Best Group. The good news? Most of us dressed up. The bad news? Take a look at last week’s blog post – how are we supposed to vote for one winner with all those awesome costumes!?

It was difficult, but we were able to make a decision.

Winner for Most Creative:

Kristina as Elsa from Frozen

Kristina Elsa

Picking the most realistic costume was even MORE difficult! We decided to declare it a three-way tie.

Winners for Most Realistic:

James as A Biker, aka James on the weekends

Halloween2013atMobilityware (67 of 116)


Brian as Sherlock Holmes

Brian Sherlock


Danny (right) as Dave Yonamine (left), CEO of MobilityWare

Danny & Dave

Picking the best group wasn’t so tough…maybe it’s because there was only ONE group costume in the office!

Winner for Best Group:

Karlene, Erick, Jeanelle, and Jason as A Bunch of Grapes


Sadly, it’s a whole year of waiting for Halloween again. At least we have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year coming up to suppress the withdrawals! We can’t wait for the next round of creative costumes. Until next year!


Here’s a bonus picture of a grape desperately trying to work:

Erick working grape



What did you end up doing for Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!

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Oct 31

Halloween Fashion at MoBOOlityWare!

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with a history lesson: Halloween was originally based on the Celtic holiday called Samhain, which marked the transition between the harvest season and wintertime…and created a bridge between the living and the dead. Individuals created bonfires and wore scary costumes and masks in hopes of appeasing the spirits. Jump forward to 2014, and Halloween evolves into a day when parents allow their children to go to strangers’ homes for candy, and people can wear anything without humiliation. We’ve got mountains of candy here at the office, but not a dull costume in sight!


Eh, why not…you can take a look!

kristina elsaElsa from Frozen

 You see those popular Elsa “Ice Queen” costumes? Let it go, because this isn’t your typical Elsa dress – Kristina chose the pre-ice queen version and created it all by herself!

Scott ScotScott the Scotsman

It’s one-shot Scott the Scot! Now say that five times fast.


Melissa FionaFiona from Adventure Time

Adventure time, come on grab your friends, because Fiona and Cake have arrived. This “Cake the cake” idea is GENIUS!


Brian SherlockSherlock Holmes

We’ve got lots of unsolved mysteries around here, and we know just the man to turn to. By the way, where’s Watson?


Claudia EveEve

Eve, don’t listen to that serpent on your shoulders!


Alex Dr JonesIndiana Jones

Dr. Jones is ready to go on an archaeological adventure with his trusty whip! We bet he’s nervous to have Eve’s serpent hanging around so close by…


grape bunch6A bunch of grapes

Hey! What’s the banana doing here? This isn’t Fruit of the Loom!


You’ve got a sneak peek at some of our awesome costume ideas, but what’s Halloween at MoBOOlityWare without a costume contest?! Keep on the lookout for the blog post next week to find out the winners of our contest!


What or who are YOU dressed up as for Halloween?

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Oct 29

MobilityWare Ping Pong Tournament

Competition is alive in the offices of MobilityWare. Spectators flock to the game room, where two players are facing each other with paddles in their hands. The room is silent, and the air is filled with tense anticipation. One of the players serves the ball – and marks the official beginning of MobilityWare’s Ping Pong Tournament!


Ping Pong Tournament Collage
Can they survive the tough competition? Who is the company’s ultimate Ping Pong master? Tune in to find out who will claim the first place spot!

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