Mar 22

Solitaire Named One of Amazon’s 10 Most Popular Free Apps

The Amazon Appstore turned one last week and to help celebrate, Amazon revealed the 10 most popular paid and free apps from the past year.

You can imagine our excitement when we saw our Solitaire app slotted in at #3 on the Top Free Apps list (over the last 12 months), right behind powerhouse Angry Birds Free and the incredibly popular Netflix app.

Even though our Solitaire has been consistently ranked among the Top Games category the past couple months, the fact that it’s listed in the Top Free Apps overall list at #3 is extremely gratifying to us, especially considering our Solitaire has only been in the Amazon Appstore for less than six months.

When we debuted our app in the Amazon Appstore around November of last year, we didn’t know what to expect.  The Appstore had been around for 8 months or so and there were already a couple of card apps high in the rankings.  However, we did know that we had a quality Solitaire app, with crisp graphics and smooth gameplay, that we were really proud of.  We just had to let our fans see that.

So yes, we’re thrilled by the recognition.  And even though we’re really proud, we know we couldn’t have done it without our fans.  You guys downloaded it, played it, left us great reviews, and it’s putting us in some pretty elite company!

So thanks again for the support.  You guys mean the world to us.  Happy MobilityWare March.

If you love our Solitaire app, check out some other apps we have available for free on the Amazon Appstore.

Spider Solitaire


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