Dec 24

MobilityWare’s Holiday Party and Surprise Summer Destination!!

Christmas Party Header Pic

We held our annual Christmas party this past Saturday at Orange Hill Restaurant, a restaurant perched on top of a hill that overlooks beautiful Orange County. It was a splendid night: coworkers were merry, gifts were exchanged, and goodies were raffled away. “Goodies” is an understatement – take a look at Brian’s prize for example:

Brian Christmas Party

Can you believe it?! That’s a Macbook Air! Oh, it gets better. After the raffle, our CEO walked to the front of the room to present our company’s anniversary trip. Everyone expected to go to Las Vegas again, which is what we usually do every year. He pulled up a map of the Las Vegas Strip with markers indicating which hotels we haven’t stayed at in the previous years. Maybe we could vote on which hotel to stay at next? The Cosmopolitan? Caesar’s Palace? The Venetian?

No way! 2015 will be the company’s 25th anniversary, and our founders knew it had to be extra special.



hawaii slideshow

After the announcement, the room went berserk. We could barely hear our CEO speak over everybody’s roaring cheers. Can you blame us?! Thank you so much MobilityWare, we are so spoiled!

More details will be coming out soon, but for now, we hope everyone has a great Christmas!

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Dec 15

Spreading Christmas Cheer: Adopt-A-Family Results


8462231658_4b6bbfc629_z“Christmas Tree — Longwood Gardens Conservatory (PA) December 2012” by Ron Cogswell on Flickr is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (license)


No child should ever go through Christmas without a present. Not every family has the resources to make this possible, but with a little teamwork, we can make these children’s wishes come true. A couple of weeks ago, we adopted children from two families through the Nana’s Kidz program. Today is the deadline for giving these six children the presents they requested; check out the results. Don’t let the boxes fool you, there’s a lot more goodies in there than you think!

20141215_103541Presents for the 16 year old boy

20141215_103557Presents for the 16 year old girl

20141215_103606Presents for the first 14 year old girl

20141215_103615Presents for the 8 year old girl

20141215_103642Presents for the second 14 year old girl

20141215_103651Presents for the 3 year old boy

Overall, we contributed around 150 presents! That’s a pretty sweet stash! We can only imagine the looks on these children’s faces once they open up their presents on Christmas day. We hope it’ll be the perfect cherry on top for their celebration, but we know that the most precious gift they could have is spending time with their loved ones.


Christmas is only ten days away! What are your plans for giving back to the community? Let us know in the comments below!

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Dec 10

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

Hopefully those of you who celebrate Christmas have already decorated your homes and cubicles, since Christmas is only two weeks away! Here at Mobilityware, we jumped at the chance of decorating our office immediately, not just because there’s a decorating contest, but also to bring out the holiday spirit!


Okay, maybe it is because there’s a decorating contest. But if there weren’t a contest, would we still see such lovely decorations, like this one?

20141208_075523Someone keep an eye on that elf…nobody wants to wake up with a shaved eyebrow.


What about Santa’s early presents, dropped off for those on his nice list?

20141210_112112Aren’t those file drawers? Maybe they weren’t on Santa’s nice list after all?


Do you want to build a snowman? Yes, it is possible to have snowmen in Southern California.

SnowmenWho needs snow? Presenting evergreen snowmen, exclusively at Mobilityware.

It’s not easy to work at home, so we brought home to the office!

20141210_113957Grab a hot cup of cocoa and warm your hands by the paper fireplace.


Last but not least, the holiday decorations would be incomplete without the magnificent office Christmas tree! Don’t let the picture fool you, because this tree is HUGE. The star barely has any room at the top!

20141210_114513The red stocking ornaments on the tree has the name of every single Mobilityware member. Can you count them all?

We know you’re SO excited to find out who will win the contest; stay tuned for the announcement! In the meantime, take some pictures of your own holiday decorations and share it with us. We’re always open to new decorating ideas!


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