Oct 20

Gambler’s Superstitions – Part 1

Category: Casino

7175331883_80d3ebae45_z“A Little Luck” by JD Hancock on Flickr is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (license)

Why do gamblers have their superstitions? Does it really work? Maybe it gives the player an illusion of control, or the confidence to bet high stakes against the house. On the other hand, it also feels good to blame your loss on something else rather than blame yourself! Here are some of the most popular superstitions in the gambler’s world:


Clothing: Whip out your lucky socks and undies if you want to win big at the casino! Several gamblers believed in the mystic powers of your clothes to attract the best hand. Take Steve Dannenmann for example. He won second place in the World Series of Poker’s Tournament of Champions in 2005 by wearing the same shirt and visor for seven days! Don’t worry, he probably washed it at least once.


Lucky Charms: Some gamblers carry around a special item that they believe can bring them good luck. It can be the cliché rabbit’s foot or a mysterious talisman…or a mechanical mouse with blinking eyes. Professional poker player Kun Dollison racks up huge wins with this mechanical mouse, and sometimes even allows it to wander around the table!


Numbers: Can you guess the gambler’s lucky number? We wrote all about it here! However, there are also numbers that gamblers try to avoid like the plague…like poor number 13. Some people believe it’s because the 13th man to sit at the Last Supper was Judas, who eventually betrayed Jesus, or that there used to be 13 steps leading up to the gallows. But no matter how hard we try, we can’t really find anything bad about a baker’s dozen.


Do you believe or practice any of these superstitions? If your answer is no, then you’re probably in denial (just kidding!), but chances are you’ll believe one of the superstitions coming up in the next part of this post. See you next time!

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Oct 17

Inside the Gamer’s Studio — Matthew Palmer


Time for another episode of Inside the Gamer’s Studio! Join us as we interview one of our Team Leads, Matthew Palmer, to learn more about his background, interests, and GUILTY PLEASURES.



Here’s a few highlights from the interview:


Interviewer: What university did you attend?
Matthew: I went to the University of California, Irvine — local school, ZOT ZOT!

: What fictional world would you want to live in, and who would you be?

Matthew: I’m a huge Potter fan, so I definitely want to live in the world of Harry Potter.

: What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

Matthew: ….


You’re gonna have to watch the interview to find out his answer!


If you have any ideas for questions we could ask in our future videos, go ahead and post them in the comments below. Yours just might end up in one of them!


What was your favorite part of Matthew’s interview??


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Oct 15

Morgan Freeman Loves Solitaire Too!

Morgan FreemanPhoto by David Sifry is licensed under CC BY 2.0 (license)

Morgan Freeman, the beloved actor with the unmistakable voice from such memorable films as The Shawshank Redemption, Driving Miss Daisy, and most recently the new hit film Lucy, loves Solitaire. At 77 years old, he has aged gracefully thanks to a daily round of Solitaire, or at least that’s what he attributes his sprightly and youthful nature to. When asked by stern.de how he’s able to keep so young, Freeman responded with a laugh “Sex, a lot of sex. I’m joking of course – a bit. I’m obsessed with solitaire. I play almost every day. I get up every morning, make a coffee and sit at the computer. If no one interrupts me, I’ll play for the whole day.” I guess when people say “Celebrities—they’re just like us!” in this case it’s true!

Who knows, maybe next time you try to play multiplayer on our Solitaire app, you just might be playing against Mr. Freeman…time to squeeze in a game here!

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Oct 13

News Flash: MobilityWare Pays a Visit to the Trojans

Category: Career Fair,News

USC campus


Don’t you just love the fall season? Leaves turn red and orange, families are carving pumpkins, and everyone is snuggling around the fireplace with a hot cup of cider. Oh, and it’s recruiting season.

We cruised over to sunny USC to find some top-notch talent to join the MobilityWare team, and the university definitely didn’t disappoint. Robert Jackson, VP of Product Development, and Jacob Klint, Software Engineer both raved about the beauty of the campus.


“I’ve been to the campus many times, my wife is an alum. It’s a beautiful campus! I forget how beautiful all the red brick is!” gushes Jackson.

“The USC campus was very classical and looked like something out of a movie,” states Klint.


USC REPRESENT! MobilityWare also has our share of USC talent. Our creative director, Jaxon Fang, is a USC alumnus, and he recollects his experiences as an undergraduate at the career fair.

“It brought back memories of wearing a suit every day during my senior year at the Marshall School of Business while I was interviewing with multiple companies. A lot of the candidates from yesterday’s event were also dressed professionally. I could relate to some of the folks who had to wear a full suit and tie on such a hot day as yesterday. Fight on!” Fang reminisces.


The team got down to business. The MobilityWare booth was stationed between two powerhouse studios, Disney and Blizzard, and was surrounded by other studios like Zynga, Riot Games, and Kabam. The campus was buzzing with eager students, wandering through different company booths looking for the perfect fit. We were there too, looking to hire some new talent — especially Software Engineer interns — to have a blast working on some of our new games!


MW Booth Jacob betterCan you spot your favorite game on the table?

In case you didn’t get the hint, WE ARE HIRING! There are several positions open (not all positions are for Software Engineering Interns!), so check out our careers page here if you’re looking forward to a fun and entertaining work environment.


If you’re located in the Southern California area, keep a lookout for the MobilityWare booth popping up in your next career fair. Drop by and say hello, because we’re looking forward to having some fun and intelligent people join the MobilityWare family!


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Oct 10

Another World in graBLOX!

Category: grablox,Updates

Try to contain your excitement graBLOX fans, because we just released a new update this morning in your favorite mind-bending puzzle game – and NO, it’s not just boring ol’ bug fixes. We present to you: WORLD 12!


world012 grabloxBehold: This will be your life for the next few days.


Just like World 10, your fellow graBLOX players designed this new world by using the Level Builder feature in the game (if you don’t know how to use the Level Builder, we have a tutorial here). World 12 is where the newest member of the graBLOX family, Pushy, makes his debut in player-customized levels. We had a ton of submissions from our fans, but we had to slim it down to 25 new challenging levels. Here’s a sneak peek at a couple of levels:


12-6 grablox       12-22 grablox


Those look tough! Think you have what it takes to complete World 12? Play the game HERE, and let’s see what you’ve got.


Did your customized level make it into World 12? Let us know which level you created in the comments below!

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Oct 8

A Blast from the Past: The First Video Game

Category: Game Spotlight

This month back in 1958, a physicist named William Higinbotham was preparing for the annual visitors’ tour of the Brookhaven National Laboratory. There was only one problem: their exhibits were SO boring. Guess what Higinbotham did to keep these people entertained? He created the first video game.




Higinbotham was part of the team that created the first nuclear bomb, so creating the first video game was probably something he didn’t expect! He displayed the game on an oscillograph – an instrument that measures electric currents. As pictured above, it’s just a simple game with two lines and a “ball” that would jump from between the “courts.” The player would turn a knob that determines the angle of the ball, and push a button once the ball lands on their side to hit it back. And just like that, “Tennis for Two” was born.

The game was a big hit: visitors would wait in long lines for a chance to play Tennis for Two, and Higinbotham thought that people were flocking to the game simply because his other exhibits were putting them to sleep. What he didn’t realize was that he had unlocked a new era of gaming technology!

Higinbotham eventually added extra features to his game, such as a larger screen and different gravity simulations, so players could choose to play tennis on the moon, Earth, or Jupiter.

Can you believe how far we’ve come? We are in the FUTURE, people! We’ve got a music player, camera, TV, computer, and so much more in a little device that fits in the palm of your hand. When was the last time you saw a phone with actual buttons? We’ve got game consoles where you don’t even have to use a physical controller anymore! We’ve advanced so far in so little time.


What’s your favorite piece of technology so far? Do you think we can finally have flying cars in another 50 years? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Oct 6

Solitaire With the Big Boys

Do you know Facebook, Youtube, and Yahoo Mail? We’d say those names are a big deal. Do you know The Atlantic? It’s a magazine, and it’s a pretty big deal too. Would you believe us if we said that the creator of your favorite classic card games, MobilityWare, is standing among these big boys?

If you don’t believe us, take a look at what The Atlantic had to say about us here. If you’re feeling lazy, this chart says it all. It definitely gives us the excuse for some bragging rights, don’t you think?


Top 10 Apps by Time Spent, Ages 55+

comscore Solitaire
Source: comScore MobileMetrix, U.S., June 2014

Yes, we’re surprised to be standing among giants too! MobilityWare even surpassed Google Maps, which is a pretty crucial app, because who doesn’t use a GPS nowadays? Those baby boomers sure love Solitaire for us to appear in the top charts!

Why don’t you sneak in a game of Solitaire right now, and check out what the fuss is all about? You’re bound to get hooked!

Is there anything on this chart you were expecting to see, but wasn’t included? Let us know in the comments below!

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Oct 3

Inside the Gamer’s Studio — Robert Jackson

We have someone else for you to meet! In another installment of “Inside the Gamer’s Studio,” we are introducing our VP of Product Development, Robert Jackson. Robert worked at Disney and Sony before joining our MobilityWare family. Let’s watch the video and learn more about Robert! He has some intense darts skills you won’t want to miss.

Here are a couple highlights from the interview:


Interviewer: What’s the most fun experience you’ve had here at MobilityWare so far?
Robert: Probably the most enjoyable thing is Game Jam…see everybody in the studio get together, pitch ideas…get the entire studio shut down, working on prototypes, which is awesome to see!

: What’s your favorite feature of our game room?

Robert: Actually, right behind me, the dart board!


Watch the video for the full interview! If you have any ideas for questions we could ask in our future videos, go ahead and post them in the comments below. Yours just might end up in one of them!

In case you haven’t watched our first interview with James C. Smith yet, you can watch it here.

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Oct 1

Got any ideas? Put it on the wall

In case you haven’t caught on yet, we recently moved to a new office with a lot of really cool features (*cough* game room *cough*). We’ve waited weeks, but the newest addition to our office is finally here: the Idea Wall.

What’s an Idea Wall, you ask? See for yourself!

Whole Idea WallThis is only a fraction of our HUGE Idea Wall!

It’s not your ordinary, boring whiteboard. It’s literally a WHOLE wall in our office, dedicated to transcribe our creative visions. It was ready only since this morning, and look how much it’s already filled up!


Is there anything you’d like to see on the Idea Wall? Let us know, and we’ll feature it on our Facebook wall!

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Sep 29

Game Jam II: Finale

Category: Game Jam

Game Jam Trophy

Stop coding and shut your laptops, because Game Jam II is officially over! Last week, five top-notch groups of engineers and artists teamed up to turn game pitches into reality. This is where the fun begins: the teams showcased their final products and gave everyone a chance to play their games. The results were AMAZING.

Jaxon and Ed Game JamHe’s definitely having a hard time putting the game down.

We’re itching to tell you what these games are about, but they must remain locked up behind our top secret, six foot thick, high security steel vault…for now. Let’s make a deal: if any of these games end up in the App Store or Google Play, you’ll be the first to find out!

After everyone had a chance to play, it was time to cast votes. There were four categories, each with a winner and a runner-up spot: Most Fun to Play, Most Innovative, Easiest to Understand & Play, and Most Likely to Succeed Commercially. Competition was tough, but every team was able to rank in each category. One team stood out for winning three out of the four categories, and walked away with the Game Jam Trophy!

52 Pickup WinnersGame Jam II Winners

After the awards ceremony, it’s no surprise that we had our customary MobilityWare after-party, complete with drinks, snacks, and good company. It was a great way to unwind and to celebrate the impressive work accomplished during Game Jam. Until next year!

By the way, did you notice our matching shirts? Pretty sweet, huh?

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