Oct 6

Solitaire With the Big Boys

Do you know Facebook, Youtube, and Yahoo Mail? We’d say those names are a big deal. Do you know The Atlantic? It’s a magazine, and it’s a pretty big deal too. Would you believe us if we said that the creator of your favorite classic card games, MobilityWare, is standing among these big boys?

If you don’t believe us, take a look at what The Atlantic had to say about us here. If you’re feeling lazy, this chart says it all. It definitely gives us the excuse for some bragging rights, don’t you think?


Top 10 Apps by Time Spent, Ages 55+

comscore Solitaire
Source: comScore MobileMetrix, U.S., June 2014

Yes, we’re surprised to be standing among giants too! MobilityWare even surpassed Google Maps, which is a pretty crucial app, because who doesn’t use a GPS nowadays? Those baby boomers sure love Solitaire for us to appear in the top charts!

Why don’t you sneak in a game of Solitaire right now, and check out what the fuss is all about? You’re bound to get hooked!

Is there anything on this chart you were expecting to see, but wasn’t included? Let us know in the comments below!

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Oct 3

Inside the Gamer’s Studio — Robert Jackson

We have someone else for you to meet! In another installment of “Inside the Gamer’s Studio,” we are introducing our VP of Product Development, Robert Jackson. Robert worked at Disney and Sony before joining our MobilityWare family. Let’s watch the video and learn more about Robert! He has some intense darts skills you won’t want to miss.

Here are a couple highlights from the interview:


Interviewer: What’s the most fun experience you’ve had here at MobilityWare so far?
Robert: Probably the most enjoyable thing is Game Jam…see everybody in the studio get together, pitch ideas…get the entire studio shut down, working on prototypes, which is awesome to see!

: What’s your favorite feature of our game room?

Robert: Actually, right behind me, the dart board!


Watch the video for the full interview! If you have any ideas for questions we could ask in our future videos, go ahead and post them in the comments below. Yours just might end up in one of them!

In case you haven’t watched our first interview with James C. Smith yet, you can watch it here.

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Oct 1

Got any ideas? Put it on the wall

In case you haven’t caught on yet, we recently moved to a new office with a lot of really cool features (*cough* game room *cough*). We’ve waited weeks, but the newest addition to our office is finally here: the Idea Wall.

What’s an Idea Wall, you ask? See for yourself!

Whole Idea WallThis is only a fraction of our HUGE Idea Wall!

It’s not your ordinary, boring whiteboard. It’s literally a WHOLE wall in our office, dedicated to transcribe our creative visions. It was ready only since this morning, and look how much it’s already filled up!


Is there anything you’d like to see on the Idea Wall? Let us know, and we’ll feature it on our Facebook wall!

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Sep 29

Game Jam II: Finale

Category: Game Jam

Game Jam Trophy

Stop coding and shut your laptops, because Game Jam II is officially over! Last week, five top-notch groups of engineers and artists teamed up to turn game pitches into reality. This is where the fun begins: the teams showcased their final products and gave everyone a chance to play their games. The results were AMAZING.

Jaxon and Ed Game JamHe’s definitely having a hard time putting the game down.

We’re itching to tell you what these games are about, but they must remain locked up behind our top secret, six foot thick, high security steel vault…for now. Let’s make a deal: if any of these games end up in the App Store or Google Play, you’ll be the first to find out!

After everyone had a chance to play, it was time to cast votes. There were four categories, each with a winner and a runner-up spot: Most Fun to Play, Most Innovative, Easiest to Understand & Play, and Most Likely to Succeed Commercially. Competition was tough, but every team was able to rank in each category. One team stood out for winning three out of the four categories, and walked away with the Game Jam Trophy!

52 Pickup WinnersGame Jam II Winners

After the awards ceremony, it’s no surprise that we had our customary MobilityWare after-party, complete with drinks, snacks, and good company. It was a great way to unwind and to celebrate the impressive work accomplished during Game Jam. Until next year!

By the way, did you notice our matching shirts? Pretty sweet, huh?

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Sep 26

Game Spotlight — Tetris: The Grand Master 3

Category: Game Spotlight

At MobilityWare, it’s all about games. We love playing it, watching it – man, we practically inhale games. We thought it would be awesome to share this passion with our fans, and expose them to whatever awesome things we find from our favorite games. Let’s kick it off with a classic that everyone loves: Tetris! Whether or not you want to accept it, you’re using your Tetris skills every day. No space in the fridge? Tetris. Too many shoes on the shoe rack? Tetris.

The ordinary Tetris player plays the game until it becomes too fast, and eventually loses. However, there are some exceptional people out there with some sort of extraordinary power that allows them to play Tetris not only at near-impossible speeds, but even play with INVISIBLE blocks! Here’s one of them in action:


Warning: this video might make your head explode from awesomeness.

If you had reflexes like that, nothing can stop you.


Know any other impressive gameplay you’d like to share with us? Submit them in the comments below!

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Sep 25

Inside the Gamer’s Studio — James C. Smith

You’ve read the blog posts, and you’ve played the games. Now it’s time to meet the people who are responsible for creating and delivering your favorite casual games! The first person you have the chance of getting to know better is our Technical Director, James C. Smith! Let’s dig into his mind and see what we can find.


Here’s a few highlights from the interview:


Interviewer: What would you say are the top 3 things that attracted you to MobilityWare?
James: Well the most important is that they are making the types of games that I like to make…I really like the work environment, with the small and collaborative teams.

: What are you most excited to be working on in the next year?

James: We have some great ideas of ways to improve Solitaire…we just wanna bring more Solitaire to the Solitaire fans!

: What’s your spirit animal?

James: For some reason, “fox” pops into my head when you say that.


Watch the video for the full interview! If you have any ideas for questions we could ask in our future videos, go ahead and post them in the comments below. Yours just might end up in one of them!

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Sep 22

Welcome to the Game Jam

Category: Game Jam

Start Game JamMobilityWare’s brains and talent gather ’round for the annual Game Jam



It’s Game Jam week at MobilityWare! Game Jam kicked off last Friday with the creative brains at MobilityWare pitching their game ideas to the whole company within 3-5 minutes. We had some pretty sweet ideas this year!


Ken game jam   Alex Game Jam  Rachael Game Jam           Alex F Game jam


Afterwards, our engineers and artists wandered around the lounge and attached their names on a project they were willing to design. Decisions, decisions, decisions…


Picks Game Jam


In the end, it boiled down to five favorite picks. Starting today, it’s CRUNCH TIME! Engineers and artists will buckle down and complete their chosen projects by the end of this week. Best of luck everyone! Break a leg!

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Sep 19

iPhone 6 Frenzy!

Category: Apple,iPhone


Apple fans wait outside South Coast Plaza mall to be among the first iPhone 6 owners.


The hype is real. You thought lines in the DMV were bad – people have waited in line for at least 19 days just to get their hands on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus! Our CEO (right) also has the iPhone 6, but only had to wait since this morning. Our VP of Engineering (left) waited only since last night, and he was able to snag not one, but TWO of Apple’s latest devices.


Here’s two MobilityWare-ians, who are now very happy iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners. They can barely contain their excitement!


After finally seeing it in person, the sleek design of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus did not disappoint. If you’d like to know more about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’ new features, check out last week’s blog post here!

If you’re having a bad day, just watch this video of the first man in Perth, Australia drop his iPhone 6 while being interviewed on live TV. At least the screen didn’t shatter!

Which of you were lucky enough to get your hands on the new iPhones today? Share your favorite feature of the phone in the comments below!

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Sep 17

Lucky Number 7 – A Gambler’s Sweetheart

Category: Casino



Why do gamblers consider the number seven to be lucky? This number is so prominent in popular culture that you probably never stopped to question WHY everybody thinks this number is so special. And NO, it’s not because seven ate nine. We’ll clear up the facts for you.

Seven is prominent when it comes to dice for two things: the sum of the opposite sides of each die equals seven, and seven has the highest probability of coming up when you roll two dice. This is why seven is “the magic number in craps”. Although seven is significant in Craps, people are more familiar with the number seven involving slot machines. When a player spins and receives a 777, it means that the player hit the jackpot!

But how did this number end up becoming so popular? What are its origins? First off, the number seven occurs all throughout nature. There are Seven Wonders of the World, seven seas, seven continents, seven colors of the rainbow, seven lunar phases, seven musical notes, and seven days of the week. The number seven also plays a significant role in religion. Seven is considered to be a perfect number in Judaism, and a Holy Number in Christianity.

On a scientific note, an individual’s short-term memory can remember around seven items, according to psychologist George A. Miller. It’s easier to remember lists and facts if you cluster them into groups of seven. Maybe that’s why phone numbers are so easy to remember!

We’re sure that there’s countless other places where the number seven is considered meaningful that we haven’t listed here. Let us know in the comments of any interesting facts we missed!

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Sep 15

Celebrity Blackjack Player of the Day: Ben Affleck!

3215777143_9fd88fc35b_b“Ben Affleck – Feed America” by Erin on Flickr is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 (license)

Well-known celebrity Ben Affleck proves that acting and directing movies aren’t the only things he’s good at. This Academy Award winner loves to play Blackjack, and he reportedly won a total of nearly $1 million in just TWO trips to the casino! In another occasion, Affleck won $140,000 in just one sitting and generously gave it all away to the casino staff, tipping individuals thousands of dollars each. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he also won the 2004 California State Poker Championship!

Unfortunately, Affleck was a little too good at the tables. The Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas banned him from playing their Blackjack tables because he was allegedly racking up huge amounts of money by card counting. Remember our blog post about card counting? Card counting isn’t illegal, but if casinos notice you doing it, you’ll end up being banned like Affleck. According to one of the members of the MIT Blackjack Team, Affleck had to be REALLY good at his card counting to be banned and must have been “betting the right amount every time”.

Aside from being an excellent Blackjack player, Affleck is also an activist, and co-founded the Eastern Congo Initiative to help stabilize the economic and social development in the Congo. Actor, director, activist, and master Blackjack player – Ben Affleck has it all!

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