Apr 1

Solitaire is fun AND can help you study too!



It’s official. Solitaire isn’t just fun, it could help you study better. Harvard Business Review found people were almost twice as likely to give the right answer to a hard decision-making problem if they’re first distracted by a simple three-minute number-matching task. On some level, this definitely makes sense. How many times have you taken a couple of minutes to tear yourself away from a hard problem only to return to it with new energy and a sharper mind?  So, if you have a big test coming up, better work Solitaire into your prep!

What’s your favorite go-to MobilityWare game to play when you need a study break?

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Oct 30

New Update for Blackjack!

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We are excited to announce a major update to our Blackjack app in the iTunes Store. We are bringing the feel of a Vegas table right into your phone. With all new table layouts, chip system, and achievements, playing Blackjack will never be the same again!

Gambling in Vegas has a certain level of excitement and risk that was lost in the previous versions of our Blackjack. There was no real value to the chips and it was easy for you guys to bet unrealistic amounts. The new chip system makes it harder to acquire chips which means you will tend to bet more like Blackjack players at a casino. The feeling of playing at an actual Blackjack table will be that much more real in our new update.

We are also introducing the new MobilityWare accounts in this update. You do not have to create an account to play our app, but doing so will allow other users recognize you on the leaderboards and your achievements. We have also now included the option of logging in with Facebook as well. If you haven’t played Blackjack yet, you can download it here for free from the iTunes Store!

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Oct 16


Category: Go,New App

We are very excited to announce MobilityWare’s newest app for the iPhone and iPad, Go!!!

Go!!! is a two-player board game with gameplay like any other app in the market.  The game has a simple goal: surround a larger area of the game board than your opponent. This, however, is more easily said than done. A high level game of Go!!! involves a substantial amount of strategy and foresight.

This version of Go!!! offers three game types: Play online, Play vs. the AI, and a Pass and Play feature that allows you to play against a friend using one device. Each game can be played on one of three board sizes, 9×9, 13×13, or 19×19. Go!!! also offers a zoom feature so players can get a closer look at the layout of the board.

Currently, Go!!! is only available on iOS devices (iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch).  You can get it FREE from the App Store here!

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Jun 4

graBLOX Updates

Category: grablox

Checking in again this time for graBLOX! Much to update!

So the last time we posted about graBLOX, we were holding a contest about what to name our newest blox.  We got a ton of great submissions but we ultimately we decided on RAY!  We appreciate all of your entries and we loved involving you guys in the process.  Since you guys are a big reason why our apps are doing so well, we feel that it is only right to include your input in our apps.  Many more contests like these in the future!

Next up, we released a major update to graBLOX last week! With this update, we’re giving you 25 brand new levels in World 8, bringing together a total of 200 levels of graBLOX fun!  And just to let you know, we’re not stopping there!  New updates are currently being worked on and we can’t wait to release those too!  The second half of 2013 looks very promising for graBLOX so stay tuned to our social networks to keep up to date!  So iIf you or you know of anyone who hasn’t downloaded graBLOX yet, what are you waiting for!  Head to the Google Play store now and download the game for free!

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May 8

Solitaire Ranked in Top All Time Free Apps for iPad

Category: solitaire

We’re back!  Yes it’s been a while since our last post here, but we’re back, hungrier than ever, and so excited to show you all the work we’ve been working on this past year.  And what better news than to come back with than to announce that our Solitaire app ranks number 21 in Apple’s Top Time All Free iPad Apps!

It’s extremely exciting for us to see that we’ve been included alongside some great company, namely Skype, the Weather Channel app, Twitter, and Temple Run, all apps that we use on a daily basis.  We always get emails and comments on our social networks about how much you guys enjoy a nice game of Solitaire after a long day or how it passes the time in waiting rooms and in lines, and so we know that we wouldn’t be able to garner these accomplishments without the support of you guys.  Seeing your positive (and negative!) responses is the motivation that drives us each day to make each update better than our last.

We’ve got some really exciting plans for you guys in the next coming months, including some very big updates on some of your favorite apps, and also some brand new apps that could become your next favorite.  Stay tuned for what’s to come, you will not be disappointed!!

If you haven’t downloaded Solitaire, you can get it here for free!

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Mar 9

Time to vote!

Category: grablox

Thanks for all your great suggestions!

We’ve narrowed the contest down to three finalists!  Which name do you think this new graBLOX should be called?

Please visit our Facebook or vote A, B, or C in the comments below!!

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Mar 1

Name That BLOX!

Category: grablox

Yesterday we announced we released our newest update to graBLOX.  Now you can play 25 brand new levels along with harnessing the power of a brand new BLOX!

So what is this BLOX called?  We figured because you guys have always shown us support, that we should give our fans the opportunity to name this BLOX!

Leave your best suggestions in the comments or on our MobilityWare Facebook!

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Feb 28

New Update for graBLOX!

Category: grablox

So we promised at the end of last year that we had a bunch of stuff planned for you guys in 2013. Last month we introduced to you guys graBLOX Style, our graBLOX themed parody of Gangnam Style.

Today, we’re super excited to announce that we just released a brand new update for graBLOX into the Google Play Store. This update not only adds 25 challenging new puzzles for you to tinker over but also a brand new BLOX!

Here are some screenshots of the new levels and the new BLOX in action!

This new BLOX takes the form of a sun. When tapped, it bursts into 4 flames that will incinerate the first thing they touch!   So if you’ve already beaten all of the levels so far, here’s 25 more you can work on figuring out!

Remember, if you ever run into trouble and you can’t seem to figure out how to beat a level, don’t be shy! Head on over to our graBLOX Facebook Page and ask for help! We’ve got a great network of people who share advice on how to get past tricky levels!

Check back soon for a special contest we’re doing to coincide with this graBLOX update!

If you haven’t played graBLOX yet, you can download it for free from the Google Play Store.


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Feb 12

Motivation Monday

Category: motivation monday

On the tail end of this Motivation Monday, here’s one of our most favorite quotes. Remember, you could make a wish.. or you could make it happen! Set a goal and stick to it!

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Jan 28

Motivation Monday

Category: motivation monday

Motivation comes in different forms! Instead of posting a Motivation Monday picture, we thought we’d share with you a very sweet and uplifting video by Kid President.  This guy is young but he’s got some really motivating points!

The video is dedicated to a child who’s fighting cancer, but it’s something that can inspire us all!

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