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Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month with MobilityWare

In celebration of Asian American and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month, we asked some of our MobilityWare team members to share how their heritage has shaped the person they are today.


“I am the youngest of three children, born to immigrant parents who escaped Vietnam during the war. I was the only one of my siblings to be born in the States so my mother was vigilant in teaching me the importance of staying connected to my Vietnamese heritage. She was insistent that I learn and continue to speak Vietnamese in our home.
The lessons my mother taught me about embracing my Vietnamese heritage, so I can continue to celebrate our rich cultural traditions, have shaped every aspect of my life. It is an important value that I hope to instill in my own family.”
– Sandy Nguyen: Associate Recruiter

Sandy Nguyen (right) with her mother


“Korean culture and heritage, like many others, is rich in traditions and values. Some of these principles even impact my interactions and activities at work. Koreans are well known for our hospitality, social gatherings, and profound sense of community. It’s no wonder why I lead multiple service/support oriented teams and host a monthly poker night and AWS meetup group. I’m honored to be the grandson of an Intangible Cultural Treasure of Korea. My grandfather’s life in traditional dance and music embodied the strength of our history through discipline and artistry. I feel I have a responsibility to preserve and honor our cultural practices, bridging past traditions with contemporary life and my community. I know my heritage shapes not only my personal approach to my work but how I perceive the world, continuing a legacy of cultural richness and communal bonds.”
– Lance Kim: Sr. Director, Technical Operations

Lance Kim’s Grandfather, Kim Ch’on-hung


“Growing up in a Vietnamese American household I was taught the value and importance of family. I learned to think of others before myself, which has helped me become a kind and empathetic person, something I strive to be every day. Additionally, by learning more about Vietnamese culture and tradition this has allowed me to have deeper respect and appreciation for other cultures as well.”
– Amanda Nguyen: Specialist, Social and Digital Content

Amanda Nguyen (second from right) with her family


“My Japanese heritage has made me the person I am today. My work ethic, resilience, and prioritization of family stems from my parents. After their internment during World War II, they built a life for myself and my four siblings centered around family. We were taught from a young age about the importance of our Japanese culture and holidays. I made sure to pass these traditions on to my children and in-turn, my grandchildren. For me family has always come first and I hope that, through the spirit of generosity that I inherited from my parents, that I have lived a life that honors their teachings. My aspiration is to continue to impart these lessons to my family, friends, and community, ensuring that our heritage lives on for generations to come.”
– Carrie Collins: Administrative Assistant

Carrie Collins (second from left) with her family


“My AAPI heritage has deeply influenced the person I am today. With my mother immigrating from Hong Kong at the age of 14 and my stepfather from Taiwan at 12, I am constantly reminded of the sacrifices my grandparents and parents made to provide us with a future filled with opportunities. Rooted in Chinese culture, values like focus, discipline, and respect have been instilled in me since childhood. As I celebrate our heritage with family recipes like Mantou (steam bread buns) and my grandmother’s sticky rice dumplings, Zong zi, I pass down traditions to my children, connecting them to their roots. Through these cultural experiences, I’ve learned to appreciate the rich diversity present in the United States, fostering an understanding and respect for different cultures worldwide. My AAPI heritage serves as a guiding force, shaping my identity and worldview, and reminding me of the importance of embracing diversity and unity in our society.”
– David Fay: VP of Product- Games

MobilityWare VP of Product- Games


My family’s heritage from Taiwan has shaped who I am today. From regularly celebrating yearly traditions such as Mid-Autumn/Moon Festival and Chinese New Year to indulging in specialty cuisines such as boba, soup dumplings, and sticky rice. These cultures and values are important that I get to also share with my son.”
– Larry Hsieh: Principal Product Manager

Larry Hsieh (back row, right) at Hsi Lai Temple with his family


“Growing up, I blended the community-focused values of my Chinese background with the individualistic beliefs of American culture. This mix taught me the importance of both personal ambition and social unity. The emphasis on independence in American culture has fueled my personal ambition, driving me to strive for success, all while valuing the relationships I’ve built along the way. Additionally, the culinary aspects of both cultures have fueled my passion for exploring new foods, making me an enthusiastic foodie. Overall, I’d say my heritage has made me a more connected, resourceful, and hungry individual.”
– Kevin Toh: Associate Site Reliability Engineer

Kevin Toh (second from left) and his wife (second from right) with his parents


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