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Celebrating International Women’s Day with MobilityWare

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we spoke with some of our MobilityWare team members about this year’s theme of Inspire Inclusion. Find out how the company has made them feel both included and empowered.


Jessica Rickey: Employee Engagement Specialist
“MobilityWare and my manager, Jill Wilder, have always been supportive of my career growth. I came to MobilityWare with zero experience in gaming, but they believed in what I could bring to the HR team, I am grateful for their risk-taking. My manager is proactive in taking time to ask me about where I see my career growing and she supports the steps it will take to get there. I feel grateful to work at a company that has always believed in me and allowed me to try new things, be creative, make mistakes, and learn from them. It is also wonderful to see so many successful women at MobilityWare and work for a company that values and respects everyone, no matter their background.”


Melissa Manzo: Project Coordinator
“What initially attracted me to MobilityWare was the opportunity to work for a gaming company that featured a lot of women in executive positions. I am thankful to these  women for becoming my mentors, creating an environment where my voice is heard and valued. Every day, I am inspired by my colleagues to take my career to new heights.”


Tenecia Harvey: AdTech Product Manager
“I’m grateful that Mobilityware celebrates and empowers women. On Women’s International Day, I reflect on the wonderful support I’ve experienced working with so many talented women. Our diverse voices and contributions make our teams stronger, fostering a workplace that thrives on equality through inclusion, and inspired support. “


Laura Cox: Events Office Coordinator
“In the 7 years I’ve been at MobilityWare, I’ve had the privilege to welcome a whole new group of strong, capable women to the company. Our Senior Leadership has gone to great lengths to prioritize inclusion for all team members, ensuring that our core value of Be Empowered is at the center of everything we do as a company. I can’t thank MobilityWare enough for always making me feel seen and appreciated.”


Carrie Collins: Administrative Assistant
“I have been a part of Mobilityware for over 30 years and while the company has grown and evolved, one constant has been how ownership and management has prioritized creating a supportive and inclusive environment in which all team members are empowered regardless of gender or background. On a personal level, as my family has grown MobilityWare has provided me with the professional flexibility to pursue both a rewarding career and the opportunity to be a mother who is present in her children’s (and now grandchildren’s) lives.
Now that I am near retirement, I am thrilled to see MobilityWare continue to support, encourage, and inspire employees to reach their career goals the same way they have done for me.  The result is a workplace where all employees are valued and respected.”


Nicole Mieliwocki: Sr. Executive Assistant
“When I first interviewed at MobilityWare I was thrilled to find a company that is lead by such strong and inspiring women, especially in the games industry. In my time here I’ve truly enjoyed working with so many talented women, finding a plethora of both creative collaborators and mentors. They’ve encouraged me to believe in myself and my abilities, helping me embark on a career that I find both rewarding and challenging.”


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