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Looking for a new way to play solitaire? Golf Solitaire Pro Tour is your final stop. With an innovative golf twist to classic tripeaks-style solitaire, this is a brand-new game that delivers simple, fun and addicting gameplay.

Play tripeaks solitaire and the sport of golf together in a way like never before! Pick your first card to tee off the game and save a card for later until you need it. Clear the cards to finish the hole and finish all the holes in a season with the lowest score in your league to become the season champion! Enjoy unlimited PGA style seasons and cruise courses around the world, with a diverse selection of fairways from oceanside, to tulip fields and urban. A tour experience to rival the best!


  • Play unlimited levels of tripeaks solitaire with a golf twist

  • Select your starting card for maximum advantage

  • Hold a single card until needed with the hold area

  • Use the wildcard feature to remove certain cards when you are stuck

  • Vie for global champion and compete with others around the world

  • Visit all kinds of golf courses with various terrain types




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