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How to Play Agnes Solitaire

If you’ve played Klondike solitaire, then you’ll find Agnes Solitaire pretty interesting. These games have a similar layout only that rather than using a stockpile, players are given reserve cards that can all be played within Agnes Solitaire. It sort of combines some elements of Klondike and those of FreeCell. The game proceeds quickly, making it hard. Don’t be surprised to only win a single game out of five. However, sometimes you can win in three. Learn from this guide how to play this game and some strategies to increase your chances of winning.

Agnes Solitaire Rules

Agnes Solitaire was invented by David Parlett. There are two versions of this game; Agnes Bernauer and Agnes Sorel. The first version was named after Albert III’s Duke of Bavaria mistress. His father was not pleased with this relationship, so he ensured Agnes was drowned in the river. The second version has no connection to the woman in this story. Both versions are similar only that in Agnes Solel, cards are arranged in the same color, which means if the top card is black, you can only place a black card on it.

Playing this game is easy since its rules and gameplay are simple. If you’ve ever played the classic solitaire, you’ll easily understand the idea behind Agnes Solitaire. Like most solitaire games, it strongly depends on a strategy to win. But, while you can follow some tips and techniques to increase your chances of winning this game, what’s important is to ensure that you arrange cards in numerical order. Also, cards are placed in alternating colors, which means if your top card is red, the next should be black. Players thus can’t place cards of a similar color onto each other.

You are also given a reserve deck from where you draw cards to build the foundation piles. As such, you can easily navigate through the deck. Your job in this game will be to move all cards into the foundation piles. And you’re supposed to arrange the cards starting from ace to king in alternating color.

You can use the reserve pile’s top card anytime you wish. Therefore, you’ll continuously build the suit card deck and in the tableau piles. Ranking follows suit, which means cards are outlined as hearts, diamonds, clubs, or spades. A card is put in the suit deck at the start of the game to begin your play. It’s usually a starting card that you add other cards when you’re playing. If you get all cards in the deck, you win this game.

Note that you can only fill empty spaces with a card that is by one less rank than the starting card of the foundation. However, players can change this rule in the game’s setting. If you are out of moves, you can deal cards from your stock, which is usually on top of the screen’s left side. We should also mention that these rules are for playing Agnes Bernauer.

How to Play Agnes Solitaire

Agnes Solitaire might be the best game for you if you’ve played other card games but were not impressed. Well, the concept of playing this game may sound frustrating at first, but as you build your foundations, you’ll find things simple.

The layout should have seven columns in the tableau, which have a total of 28 cards. Place your first card into the first pile facing up and deal the other six cards as face down. In the second pile, start with a face-up card and the other five as face down, on your third column place a face-up card and four other face-down cards. Continue with this pattern till you lay out the 28 cards.

Once you’ve dealt these 28 cards, deal another set of seven cards into your reserve pile, which is usually beneath your tableau pile. Finish by setting up a single card in the group of a foundation pile. You can pick a card of any rank, color, and suit.

Now, start playing. Note that you’re supposed to arrange cards in the tableau from king to ace alternating between black and red. Your first card will define how you begin your other foundations. For instance, if it is a 3 of diamonds, you must start the other three piles with the threes that are remaining, which are of different suits. On your three of diamonds, you should place cards of a lower rank but of the same suit as it, which means, your next card should be a two of diamonds followed by an ace of diamonds. Unless you’re playing offline, your computer should arrange cards in suit.

When playing this game, concentrate on eye patterns and time management. If you spend a lot of time focusing on where to move a card, you’ll find Agnes solitaire hard since cards move quickly. However, be mindful of patterns when placing cards as they’ll help you arrange in the correct suit.

Agnes Solitaire Tips

The game starts with 0 points for a player. When you turn a face-down card to face-up you are awarded five points. Another 10 points will be rewarded when you add a card to the foundation pile. And if you remove it from the foundation to the tableau, you’ll lose 15 points from your total score.

Since this game is pretty straightforward, there aren’t many hidden strategies for winning. Agnes Solitaire’s rules are simple, and the gameplay is easy. Therefore, there aren’t many secrets to it. If you remain careful and make well-calculated and though moves, you have a

high chance of winning this game.

However, some tips can improve your gameplay, including;

Move cards in the tableau pile in the correct order first before playing with reserve cards. The reserve pile should only be used when there are no useful moves you can make with your tableau groups.

Fill empty spaces with one or a group of cards to help free up more cards in the tableau group. This will allow you to save your reserve cards until when there’s a need.

Avoid making decisions without thinking first. Evaluate the pros and cons of a particular move before making it. Take some time to plan how you’ll stack and move your cards around.


So there you have it. Next time you want to challenge or relax your mind, think of playing Agnes Solitaire. While it can look frustrating at first, you’ll get used to it with regular playing.

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