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How to Play Double Solitaire

Playing double solitaire

Although not very popular, a two-player version of solitaire can be a fun and exciting twist to the game. In this version, players work together to solve puzzles. Double solitaire, also known as double Klondike, is a solitaire game that allows two players to compete against each other. The game is similar to other solitaire games, but in this game, players can play with the aces once they are put up, or they can borrow cards. The goal is to get all the cards up to win. In this article, we will discuss how to play double solitaire and provide some tips to improve your gameplay. Keep reading to find out more.

Setting Up the Game

Double solitaire requires two players to build four piles using all available cards. Therefore, you should have two decks of cards consisting of two piles of all hearts, clubs, spade cards, and diamond cards. You can purchase these decks online or from your local supermarket or games store. What’s important is for each player to have their own deck.

With cards in place, players need to sit facing each other. Then remove the joker cards that come with a standard deck of cards. Jokers are usually included in a deck as some card games may use them. Note that you can, however, replace a lost card with a joker. But, write the suit and number of the card you lose on the joker.

Shuffle each deck thoroughly and individually before starting your game. Note that most decks come with cards already arranged in order. Therefore, playing without shuffling will make your game straightforward, which can be boring. Since you don’t have to be a master in shuffling cards, spread them over face down and mix them up well, then organize them to form a pile.

Next is setting up the tableau. You’ll do this separately for the two decks. Start with one deck with cards facing up then pull a card on top and place it still facing up.

Move six face-down cards from the left to the right.

Place a face-up card and five face-down cards in the second pile and the next five rows, respectively.

On your third pile and the next four rows, place a face-up card and four face-down cards.

Continue with this sequence until you finish. For instance, place a face-up card on the 4th pile and three face-down cards on the following three rows. Ultimately, you should have one face-up card and six face downs on the 7th pile. Then do this for the other player’s deck.

Place the remaining cards in the stock pile, which is just above the tableau. You’ll use them to complete your foundation piles. Each player should have their own stock pile.

Double Solitaire Rules

You deal with cards in identical order to each player. Those playing should follow an ascending manner from left to right. The bottom card must be facing up.

  • Players move playing cards to foundation piles from the shared tableau.
  • A pile starts with an Ace of each suit, and players share all foundations.
  • Draw cards are revealed one card at a time.
  • You can only move a card of a lesser value to a single rank if the cards are not of the same color.
  • When one player clears all their cards, the game ends.

How to Play Double Solitaire

Double solitaire is a competitive version of solitaire that involves two players. In this game, the players aim to move cards from the tableau and stock pile to the shared foundation piles, starting with aces and ending with kings. Here’s how to play:

  1. Determine who will play first. You can either flip a coin or draw cards from the stock pile to decide.
  2. Remove the top card from your tableau and analyze the cards in your tableau to make your next move.
  3. Cards in the tableau should be placed in alternating colors and ascending order. For example, a red card should be placed below a black card, and a six should be placed below a seven.
  4. If you pick a card from the stock pile that you can’t play, return it to the bottom of the stock pile.
  5. Make as many moves as possible in a row when it’s your turn to play.
  6. A player loses when they can’t move with their top card on the stock pile or other tableau cards.
  7. Place aces in their designated areas. You don’t need to place them under other cards in your tableau.
  8. The game is won when a player completes four foundation piles. If the game cannot be completed, the winner is the player who has played the most cards.
  9. Scoring is based on how many cards each player has remaining. The player with the fewest remaining cards is awarded points when one person wins a round or both players agree to end the game.

With these simple steps, you and your opponent can enjoy an exciting and challenging game of double solitaire.

You can also play this game online via the downloadable double solitaire app or various online simulators. But, like all standard solitaire games, this also requires strategy. Some tips and hints to win this game include;

  • Be fast when playing. Note that your opponent can play the same moves. So beat them to it.
  • Think critically before moving kings to empty piles since making a wrong move can block your play.
  • Hold aces until you have corresponding 2s. This will prevent your opponent from stealing the foundation.
  • Try to unveil hidden cards from your draw pile because this unlocks more cards.
  • Empty piles only when you have access to a King to open up more piles.
  • Wait for your opponents to play if you’ve run out of moves.

Double Solitaire can also be played with three players using the same rules. However, you’ll need 3 decks of cards instead of 2 decks.

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