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How to Play Golf Solitaire

Who would have ever thought golf and solitaire would be combined into one game? Well, it has. And the outcome is simply amazing. Both solitaire and golf are fast-paced games that require both physical and mental prowess to win. Both of these games are so popular and that’s what makes this golf version of solitaire fun and interesting. Are you interested in learning how to play golf solitaire? Here is a step-by-step guide and some of the rules applied during golf solitaire gameplay.

Game Layout

This card game requires a pack of 52 playing cards. To set up the game, you will deal 7 columns. In each column, there should be 5 overlapping cards all facing up. The card at the top of each column is the only one that is available for play. After dealing the cards, whatever you are left with should form the stock. And they should be placed face down. You will then pick a card from the stock pile and use it to start a waste pile, which should be face up. This layout is a card representation of golf. In that, you will be moving cards from the exposed column to the waste pile.

What is the Objective of Golf Solitaire?

The main goal here is to move all the cards from the seven columns to the waste pile as fast as you can. The card to be transferred to the waste pile ought to be a number higher or lower than the card that is at the top of the waste pile. During gameplay, should you run into a scenario where there is no other move, you are allowed to move a card from the stock to the waste pile so that you can open other options. The game is won when all the cards from the seven columns are transferred to the waste pile. Failure to do so, then you should restart a new game.

The Rules for Playing Golf Solitaire

Similar to other versions of solitaire, golf solitaire also has rules that distinguish it from the rest. They include;

  • To round the corner, the ace and the king can be played on each other.
  • Only the top card can be moved to the waste pile.
  • The card being moved should be a number higher or lower than the top card on the waste pile. For example, if the card on the talon is 5, then the card placed above it from the column should be a 4 or a 6.
  • The building of cards can only be carried out on a single waste pile.
  • Deal overlapping cards when setting up the game so that you can get a favorable sequence.
  • A player can only draw from the stock pile when there is no other move that can be made from the seven columns.
  • For those that crave challenging gameplay, you can add the rule where the king and ace can’t be played on each other.
  • To tally your score, count the number of cards left in the columns after you complete a round. To gauge how good you are at golf solitaire, try and maintain a score less than 36 after playing for nine rounds.

Final Thoughts on Golf Solitaire

From the setup process to the gameplay, golf solitaire is amongst the easiest versions of solitaire that exist out there. Most people love this game because you can easily set it up if you don’t want to play the online version. Though simple, golf solitaire is also quite challenging. It’s not always when the cards on the column will be a number higher or lower than what is on the pile. There are times when you will be forced to get a card from the stock so that you can switch things up.

Golf solitaire is a solo card game that will have you smiling all by yourself when you score. Most of the time you will be on the edge of your seat contemplating your next move. To make this game more fun, time yourself. And always attempt to break your current record. Depending on how fast your motor skills are, you can complete one round in less than 60 seconds. Do you think that you can take less time? Start playing today and determine whether you are a golf solitaire master or not.

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