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How to Play Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion Solitaire is a variant of Spider Solitaire. Like many solitaire games, it requires a single player to build stacks consisting of similar card suits. The gameplay is simple since you’ll only use one standard deck containing 52 cards. However, you can only make a single move with a card onto its suit and in the correct sequence of the played cards. While it has simple rules, it can often be tricky at first when learning how to play, as you will see later.

Scorpion Solitaire Layout

Playing cards are laid out in the shape of a scorpion, hence the name Scorpion Solitaire. This game’s layout features seven columns that have seven overlapping cards. Players deal with face-up cards. But the first three cards in the first four columns are dealt face down and would later be turned up when played upon.

Columns thus have 49 cards, leaving a player with three leftover cards that form your reserve. You can re-deal these cards once you get stuck while playing, if needed. Foundations are above the tableau on the top right and are made up of 4 rectangles, which hold a completed suit. The stock is found on the upper left and hosts reserve cards until they come into play at the time a player desires.

Objective and Rules

Your goal is to build all four suits in a descending order starting from King all the way down to Ace. Each suit is sent to a foundation pile once completed. As earlier mentioned, players use a standard 52 deck of cards. When starting, you’ll deal with one pile consisting of seven cards into the tableau columns.

All cards are face up except for the twelve hidden ones, from each pile the first four piles have the three hidden cards. These are placed face down in the stock. You win this game after building all the four suits within the tableau in the correct manner. Each suit is sent automatically to the foundation pile after it has been completely built.

You can only move one card at a time. But if the source card has cards on top, you can move them too. Sometimes piles can be very long. You should move a source card onto the target one that is at the most bottom of a pile, unless it’s a King. Also, it should be of a similar suit.

An empty column is created after all cards have been moved from it. Only Kings can be moved into vacant columns. Also, note that you can’t place a card on top of an Ace, as it is the lowest in rank.

After moving all cards within the tableau to your liking, you can use the stock cards now. The game ends when there are no useful moves or after you win the game.

Tips to Win Scorpion Solitaire

Although this is a simple game, only 1 out of 8 games can be won. You’ll get stuck around 22-24 moves or possibly even earlier. It’s why you should carefully plan your moves to increase your winning chances. Here are some strategies to use;

Focus on flipping face-down cards first. It’s easier to win a game with face-up cards as they allow you to see the required sequences for completing suits unless there is a deadlock.

  • Don’t be quick to fill empty columns. Evaluate if other moves are more beneficial before placing a King into a vacant column.
  • Avoid unlocking Aces for the sake as no cards can be played on them
  • Click the stock only when you’re completely out of moves
  • Don’t make unsafe moves like one that makes cards of lower ranks to be higher than cards of higher rank in the same suit.


Solitaire games have always been excellent ways to kill time and refresh your mind. Mostly, they can be played by a single player. Hence you don’t need anyone else. Scorpio Solitaire is an easy game but requires much patience and thought. As you don’t have many options to move cards, be cautious of every move you make.

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