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How to Play Spiderette Solitaire

Spiderette Solitaire game is a Spider Solitaire’s variation. This game can be an excellent alternative if you find shuffling two decks of cards in Spider solitaire hard. It uses one deck of cards and can be played by anyone. While it is played with all four suits, players can move the cards without worrying about these suits. The goal is to remove cards and use them to create a column of cards built in descending order. Individuals can move the top card in a column or move a series of cards. Continue reading this guide to learn all the fundamental things about this game.

Brief Introduction to Spiderette Solitaire

Spiderette Solitaire was first introduced in 1949 in a book titled “The Complete Book of Solitaire and Patience Games” written by Geoffrey Mott-Smith and Albert H. Morehead. However, it’s said to be well-known way before this time.

This game uses one standard deck of cards, 52 in total, rather than two decks, as used in traditional Spider Solitaire. Its tableau consists of seven piles that are dealt with a similar structure as when playing Klondike Solitaire. The first pile has a single card, the second has two, and this sequence follows so that the seventh pile consists of seven cards. Every top card is dealt face up while all other cards are placed facing down into the stock containing three groups, each with seven cards and another group with three cards. Four piles are making up the foundation and are usually empty at the beginning of this game. There’s also the discard pile that’s found to the right of the bottom panel.

Spiderette Solitaire has three common variants;

  • Baby Spiderette- where players can move card sequences no matter their suit. Therefore, making your play easier and more winnable.
  • Spider Solitaire– it’s not a version of Spiderette Solitaire. However, this game is based on it. It’s played with two card decks, thus harder to complete.
  • Will o’ the Wisp- its layout and rules are similar to Spiderette, only that you first start by dealing three cards in each tableau instead of using the Klondike layout that’s used in Spiderette.

Spiderette Solitaire Rules

Players are required to build four sequences, each running from King all the way down to Ace within the tableau. A completed sequence is automatically discarded from the tableau. You can place any card on an empty building stack. Default cards in the beginning range from one to seven. But you can vary these values with a smaller number, which makes your gameplay easier.

Individuals can only use stock cards when there are no more possible moves in the building stacks. When you click the stock, it’ll deal an extra card to your building stacks. However, when moving cards from the stock, you must ensure that all building stacks have at least a single card.

Also, players can move cards into the discard pile only if they’re arranged in descending order from King to Ace. If the automatic moving option is not off, this game will automatically move a suit arranged in the correct order. You win your game when you’ve moved cards in the four suits into the discard pile.

Note that you can place a top card of the building stack into another stack so long as it is of one less value to the card on the top of the stack. If a sequence can be moved, you can place it into another building stack if the top card of that destination has one higher rank than the card at the movable sequence’s bottom. Additionally, players can move any top card of the building stack or sequence into an empty stack.

How to Play Spiderette Solitaire

You are supposed to build down tableaus of any color and suit. You can play with the topmost card in each tableau. Full or partial builds in the same tableau are also available for play. While you can build a tableau in any suit, building in a similar suit is advantageous as in-suit builds can be moved while those not in-suit are not movable. You can fill an empty space with any card or build that’s available. However, only Kings can be played on vacant spaces since there aren’t other cards with a higher rank to build them on.

Players can deal anytime they want as long as empty tableaus are available. Turn up seven cards from the pile and place them onto each other without following suit or rank. Finally, you’ll have three cards that you should put into the first three tableau piles. However, only deal when there are no more possible moves.

Click on the card to move it. Also, note that when you click a card that’s below the top, all cards in that stack will be selected if they are of the same suit and arranged correctly. Double-clicking a stack will select all cards in it, allowing them to be moved at once. Players are given 500 points at the start, and each move they make costs them one point. When you move a full sequence into the foundation you are awarded 100 points.

Spiderette Solitaire Strategies

Spiderette isn’t an easy game. Only 5-10% of the games are winnable. But, with some strategy in place, you can improve your gameplay and winning chances. Here are some tips for winning this game.

  • Aim at building in-suit. Note that while it is not required by the game, building in-suit can help make your movements easy. If you place cards of different suits on each other, they can’t be moved. Therefore, the chances of them being blocked are increased.
  • Start building with cards of higher rank first, as this will open up cards for future moves using cards with lower ranks.
  • Try to create empty spaces. Emptying a tableau as soon as you can allows you to rearrange cards and turn new ones. It’s hard to win a game without an empty pile.
  • Additionally, use these empty piles wisely. While only Kings can be moved into these spaces, don’t be quick to do so. Remember that you can’t move a King on top of another card. Therefore, this blocks that empty pile until you remove the King with a full descending sequence.
  • Take advantage of the undo button. Clicking it will help you see underneath cards. Hence you can plan your moves effectively.

Well, there you have it. Next time you are bored and want to challenge your mind, playing a Spiderette Solitaire game can help spice things up.

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