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How to Play Wish Solitaire

Wish Solitaire is a solitaire variant that requires much patience. As it’s a single-player game, you don’t need anyone else to play with you. It’s a simple game that can suit both children and adults who want to relax their minds. Players make a wish on the game they win. Hence the name Wish Solitaire. Learn how to play this game within minutes from this guide.

Game Layout

It doesn’t use the standard 52 deck of cards. Instead, players use a 32 card deck. Remove the twos, threes, fives, and sixes from the 52 card deck and discard them. Then keep Aces, sevens all through Kings. After shuffling these cards, you’ll start dealing eight piles with face-down cards. This will form your tableau. There should be four cards in each pile. The last card on a pile should be placed face-up. Players usually make a wish before flipping a top card to ensure that they increase the chances of their wish coming true.

Game Play

In Wish Solitaire, players pair and remove cards. The aim is to discard all cards in your tableau. You will be pairing cards that are of the same rank. For example, 2 aces, 2 sevens, or 2 Kings can be discarded.

Players can only remove face-up cards. For instance, with two sevens showing, remove these cards, then flip over to the following cards in your stack. If you have three matching face-up cards, you should choose two of them then discard them. You’re not allowed to remove all three cards at the same time.

Also, note that you can’t build on the tableau, but you can play with cards on it if they are not under another card. Again, empty tableau spaces may not be filled. Continue playing like this till you remove all cards or until no matches are available that you can make. Additionally, cards can’t be transferred from one pile to another.

According to this game, players who finish discarding all cards have a higher chance of their wish coming true. Although Wish Solitaire is a one-player game, you can make it more exciting by inviting an opponent and having a second card deck. You then can play this game simultaneously to compete for who has the most luck.

Wish Solitaire is won when a player removes all cards. However, if you’re playing with an opponent, the one remaining with fewer cards is the winner.

Sometimes players can play with all cards face down except the top ones of each stack. You can change the settings of the tableau panel to face-down cards in all stacks except for one. This makes the game a bit harder but more interesting.

The chances of winning Wish Solitaire are pretty low; only about 1 in ten games are winnable. But some strategies can help improve your gameplay. Here are some tips;

Try remembering the pairs you have already discarded. Note that every rank has two pairs, meaning two Kings pairs, 2 seven pairs, etc. If, for instance, you’ve discarded one pair of Kings, you can then remove the other pair. If not, wait to see whether pairing them up differently is more beneficial.

Avoid discarding the last card unless it’s your only choice. Empty piles will not help you. So don’t be in a rush to create them. Good Luck!

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