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Is Every Game of Solitaire Winnable

Solitaire winning deals

Solitaire is a fascinating game that not only provides a way to pass the time but also helps to relax the mind and improve focus. Anyone can enjoy this solitaire game, regardless of their level of expertise, thanks to the many available variations.

While some may question whether they can win a solitaire game, the answer lies in the existence of a path to victory. A game may have a solution, yet a player may still struggle to win. Thus, it’s crucial to possess the necessary skills and strategy to succeed in solitaire.

Is Every Game of Solitaire Winnable?

Not every game of solitaire is winnable. Some factors can increase a game’s winnability rate. Note that solitaire is a general term that describes many different card games each having unique rules and winning chances. Although different games may have different winning probabilities, there isn’t an absolute value. Therefore, there’s no way of ensuring that 100% of solitaire games can be won. However, this isn’t to discourage anyone from playing. While not all solitaire games can be won, many are winnable.

The Odds of a Solitaire Game

The majority of solitaire games, almost 80%, are winnable. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that players win 80% of the time. Some solitaire variations have higher odds of winning than others, with FreeCell having the highest chance and Pyramid Solitaire having the lowest. FreeCell has a win rate of around 99%, while Pyramid Solitaire ranges from 0.5-5.5%.

The key to winning a solitaire game is making the right moves. A single wrong move can turn a winnable game into an unwinnable one. If a game offers multiple paths to victory, the chances of winning are higher. In contrast, a game with only one path makes it harder to win since a mistake can turn it into an unsolvable game.

Deck of Cards

1 Card and 3 Card Deal Explained

One will have to make at least 76 moves and 60 moves for a 1 card deal and 3 card deal, respectively, to win a solitaire game. For those playing the 1 card deal, this means that 24 cards are well laid out and easy to pick, meaning that you have 24 automatic moves. Additionally 24 moves of placing those cards into the right pile. You’ll then be left with 28, which adds the total moves to 76 without backtracking.

If playing the 3-card deal, you’ll have groups of 3 cards where you have two mysterious cards after one is revealed. But sometimes, you are allowed to place a card at a time in a stack. Since one move unveils three cards, you can only draw from the deck eight separate times, then add cards into the foundation one by one. Then, there are 24 automatic moves for cards placed into the pile, totaling all the moves to a minimum of 60 times.

What about the Four Hands?

All solitaire games have four hands;

  • Winning hands
  • 50/50 hands (players can win or lose the game depending on the move they make)
  • Completely losing games- don’t have any victory path.
  • A completely unplayable game where players can find themselves with a wild deck card.

It is why you should know the odds of each game to help you determine from the start the hand that you have.


Solitaire games are a great source of fun and excitement. Though, it’s worth noting that they can also be challenging and there’s always a possibility of losing even with a good strategy. Rather than placing too much emphasis on winning, it’s essential to enjoy the game and have fun. After all, isn’t that the main objective of any game – to take a break from the real world, have a good laugh, and enjoy yourself?

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