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MobilityWare’s Favorite Lunar New Year Traditions



In honor of Lunar New Year, we asked some of our MobilityWare team members to share their favorite customs and traditions. Read on to find out how they celebrate the holiday.


“Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China and a time for family gatherings for Chinese people. My parents and I always visit my grandparents and eat reunion dinners with the whole family on New Year’s Eve. We then watch the New Year Gala together to count down for the Chinese New Year. On New Year’s Day, we put up decorations such as Door Couplets and the Upside-Down Fu Characters (A Chinese character for “Luck” – posting the character upside down means to “pour out” the good fortune) to express good wishes for the new year. In the following days, we just drop in at relatives’ and friends’ houses, bringing gifts, and greeting one another with ‘Happy New Year’.”

Lingyi Xu: Associate Product Manager


“For me, Lunar New Year is always a big celebration with family. It’s a time for me to come home to my parents and wish them good health and joy for the new year. My  Mom will have the house decorated with pots of chrysanthemum flowers and a plate of ‘Lucky Fruits’. We give red envelopes with ‘Lucky’ money to wish our loved ones prosperity. Celebrations will open with a Lion/Dragon dance, and we gather around and eat traditional foods. We then gather around and play a dice/ board game called ‘lac bau cua’ and gamble.”

Sandy Nguyen: Associate Recruiter


“On Lunar New Year, it’s tradition to receive red envelopes of money to bring good luck and good fortune in the New Year. It was always a highlight of the holiday for me as a child and now I am thrilled to continue this with my son.”

Larry Hsieh: Principal Product Manager


“My family celebrates Tết (Vietnamese New Year), we all gather at my grandma’s house for a huge feast. We eat traditional Vietnamese food like egg rolls, sticky rice, caramelized pork and egg, nuts, and candied fruits. It’s a wonderful time to hang out with family, eat, and sometimes we watch dragon dances and performances!”

Amanda Nguyen: Specialist, Social and Digital Content


“As a child growing up in Taiyuan City, a small city in the Shanxi Province, my favorite part of Lunar New Year were the fireworks. My family and I would celebrate with the rest of the community at large public gatherings and then set of our own at home so we could experience them up close. It was always such an amazing display, with fireworks of various shapes and sizes and even a few that would do these spectacular spins along the ground.”

Tina Feng: Software Engineer II


“In celebration of Lunar New Year I like to do a spring cleaning, fix up paper-cuts on windows and folk paintings on walls, display couplets on doors, and hang a big Chinese character LUCK () on the main entrance. On New Year’s Eve, my favorite activity is to sit around a table and play mahjong with light or candles on to keep vigil all night.”

Caleb Weng: Data Analyst II


“Growing up in China, Lunar New Year was always a special time of year. From making scrolls decorated with our hopes and dreams to exchanging red envelopes with money to bring prosperity in the new year, I have so many cherished memories of celebrating the holiday with my family. Now that I am living in the United States, I am so happy to have the opportunity to share these customs and traditions with the new friends I have made here.”

Winter Peng: User Acquisition










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