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Train your brain and solve puzzles with cute cats in Puzzle Cats, the brand new block puzzle game from MobilityWare!

Drag and drop cats onto the puzzle board and try to make them all fit! The unique puzzle shapes and ever-evolving challenge will train your brain to think in a whole new way. With every puzzle you solve, the challenge will grow. Can you fit all the cats?


Collect cute new cats as you beat each puzzle challenge to customize your game!


  • FUN BLOCK PUZZLES - Challenge yourself with fun block puzzles, now with cute cats instead of block pieces! Make each block fit together in the puzzle board to pass the level!

  • PLAY WITH CUTE CATS - Cute cats, fat cats, angry cats, oh my! Play with an adorable selection of cute kitties. Can you make all of the cats fit? Try to fill the puzzle, but don’t make them angry!

  • TRAIN YOUR BRAIN - Challenge and improve your spatial reasoning skills with this unique shape based puzzle game. Puzzles get tougher as you win and the challenge dynamically increases!

  • CUSTOMIZE YOUR GAME - Cats or blocks? You choose! Return to the classic block puzzle look with our colorful block skins. Customize your blocks and collect new looks as you beat puzzles

  • COLLECT NEW CATS - Solve puzzles to level up. Collect new cats as your level grows higher! Collect cute costumes for your feline friends and play dress up with the cats!




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