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Spider Go is a faster way to play your favorite, classic Spider Solitaire! This new, FREE game is perfect to play anywhere, anytime.

MobilityWare is the maker of the best card games in the App Store, including the #1 Solitaire and Spider Solitaire games.


  • Customize your experience with different backgrounds and cards. You can even use one of your own photos as the background!

  • Progress through the levels and earn new titles from Baby Spider up to Daddy Long Legs and beyond!

  • Celebrate your wins with exciting winning animations!

  • Maximize your score and climb the weekly, monthly, and all-time leaderboards!

  • Keep track of your skills with personal leaderboards and statistics



  • Classic solitaire with a twist
    Classic solitaire with a twist
  • Custom backgrounds
    Custom backgrounds
  • Earn Achievements
    Earn Achievements
  • Winning animations
    Winning animations
  • Faster way to play spider solitaire
    Faster way to play spider solitaire


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