App icon for Tetra Block. A four by four grid with a tropical beach scene image. The inner four squares are different, bottom left is green with a white star. The other three are green and dimensional, hovering above an empty black space where they would fit


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Tetra Block is an addictive puzzle game that puts your skills to the test! Train your brain and solve puzzles in an engaging blend of classic sudoku and modern block puzzle games!


Drag and drop blocks onto the puzzle board, match horizontal rows of 9, vertical columns of 9, or 3x3 squares of 9 to collect all the objective star blocks on Challenge mode! Or play High score mode and see how many points you can get!


  • Challenge and High Score modes – play the way you like!

  • Choose your Theme – relaxing beach, classic green felt or tactile woody – customize your game!!

  • Use Boosters if you’re stuck – those helpers are always there for you!

  • 99,999+ new challenging levels, you’ll never get bored!

  • No time limit – think of your next strategic move!





We love our players. Have a question or something to say about your experience with our games? Lay it on us because we are here to listen and lend a helping hand.

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4.8 star review rating, four full stars and a mostly full star in a row


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


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