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The Best Solitaire Apps (iPhone/iPad) in 2021

The game of Solitaire is among the best card games available today. It is attractive, addictive, and easy to understand to master the game. Plus, there are many solitaire variants with different rules and gameplay, meaning that everyone can find some version that they like.

While some solitaire variants can be played using real cards, most are played on mobile phones/tablets and computers. As such, there are many apps available. However, this availability makes it difficult to choose the most suitable app. To simplify things for you, we’ve written this review. Continue reading to learn about the best solitaire apps for iPhone/iPad.

Best Solitaire App Categories

Some apps offer one or two solitaire games. But, others offer a huge collection of different solitaire games. We’ve grouped solitaire apps into five main categories;

Ultimate collections- best for an expert player. Such apps feature over 150 solitaire games. If you want to play different kinds of games, you should look for these apps.

Superior collections- they have 60-100 solitaire games and are for those who want to try different options rather than the usual choices.

Popular collections- they include around 30-50 games. They’re suitable for amateur players who want to try something else other than the classic games.

Classic collections- if you are a casual solitaire player, you’ll find such apps useful. Each includes between 10-20 different games and only features popular choices.

Basic collections- these are suitable for those who play solitaire occasionally as they have limited games.

How We Picked the Best Apps for Solitaire

We’ve listed the apps according to our own ratings. Some of the factors we considered when picking these apps are;

  • How many games are included?
  • What is the quality of games?
  • How are the graphics?
  • Is the interface easy to use?
  • Does it include any special features?
  • What is the pricing?

However, we should mention that everyone is different, meaning what one player looks for in an app may be different for another player.

The Best Solitaire Apps for iPhone/iPad

1. Klondike Software

Klondike/ Patience or Solitaire is one of the most popular solitaire variants. And this app developed by MobilityWare offers this game at its best. The company was the first to make the solitaire app available for iPad/iPhones and on Android. And even after many years of existence, they continue to improve this app.

If you’ve ever played solitaire on Windows, then you’ll appreciate this app even more. It brings the game on your desktop to your mobile phone, thus you can play whenever and wherever. Plus, MobilityWare is constantly updating its solitaire so that players can have an incredible experience using this app.

You’ll get a daily challenge every day, which if you manage to solve, you win the crown of the day. Plus, those who win more crowns earn monthly trophies. You can view your daily challenges, crown, and the status of your trophy at any time. What’s more, these challenges can be played on the apple watch.

You’ll also love that the app comes with multiplayer solitaire, meaning you can compete against a friend. Other features include winning deals, modern card fonts, a 3D touch-in phone menu, an unlimited number of undos, and a custom background, among others. Whether you are a right or left-handed player, you can enjoy playing here as the app supports both plays.

2. Solitaire+

If you’re a solitaire enthusiast, this may be the best app for you. It features a large library of solitaire games and offers them for free! Designed by Infinity Games, the app receives positive feedback from users. Plus, the company offers regular updates to ensure that it remains among the best apps for solitaire players.

We love that it comes with relaxing themes, and you can customize it to your liking. Plus, it also lets you track your performance and includes a statistical feature. It also offers daily challenges for you to conquer.

The app features three game styles, which are Standard, Vegas, and Vegas Cumulative. By tracking statistics and performance, you can improve your gameplay in your favorite style. What’s unique about Solitaire+ is that it includes over 400 levels for players to unlock and more than 40 milestones to conquer.

Additionally, since it is free, you can play your games as many times as you like without paying anything. However, note that this platform is ads-supported. But, users can remove them by paying a small fee.

If you consider yourself a true solitaire lover, this app is for you. With the many themes included, you can customize your game as much as you want.

3. BVS Solitaire Collection

For those who want variety, you’ll appreciate the games in this collection. It has 288 different solitaire variations, meaning there is something for all players. Games offered include Pyramid, Yukon, Parade, Freecell, Tri-peaks, etc.

Additionally, the site has a help feature that helps you learn how a particular game is played. This feature explains the rules, goals, winning methods, and definitions of difficult words like tableau and foundations. You can access this window anytime. Therefore, even if you forget some rules when playing, you can still seek guidance.

Also, the app has well-done graphics with large icons spared for important buttons such as statistics, auto-complete, undo a move, and help. Plus, there are some nice backgrounds and sound effects that make the games more interesting.

Furthermore, individuals can play games in portrait or landscape modes, and most games allow one to modify rules. Therefore, you can create different solitaire variations. Again, there’s the hint button which tells you of the possible moves if you’re stuck. Plus, you can undo moves as many times as you want.

4. Windoze Solitaire

Those playing solitaire on Windows have enjoyed popular classics like Spider, FreeCell, and Klondike. Thankfully, this app brings these games to your iPhone/iPad at no cost. Windoze brings a modern feel to solitaire games that have been played for many years.

Cards are bold and can be easily read, not to mention that the animation is done excellently, and games include relaxing audio. You can play your favorites in landscape or portrait mode, depending on what you like. Plus, there are amazing 3D graphics, which make things more real.

You can move cards either by dragging them or tapping them to the correct places. Also, other than all the classic variants of the popular Freecell, Spider, and Klondike, individuals can unlock up to 100 games.

Also, you can give your game a personal touch by using photos from your phone as your background or cards.

5. Solebon and Solebon Pro

Solebon is a basic version of the app Solebon Pro. It features an intuitive design that is specifically for mobile devices. Apart from the Classic Klondike, you can choose another game from its 50 solitaire games.

The app offers hints on where to move a card if you are stuck. Plus, it comes with winning deals that lead you to your path of victory. It is suitable for amateur solitaire, players who want to pass time by playing solitaire.

There are many card styles and multiple backgrounds to choose from, which help you personalize your games. Plus, you can use the tap to play or drag to play feature, depending on what you like. The site also offers players detailed statistics and leaderboards. And, it allows auto move functions.

If you want more games, we suggest upgrading to Solebon Pro. It has 160 solitaire games and advanced features. Here, you can undo moves as many times as you want and reverse layouts. Plus, it includes sound effects, moves tracking, and rules for all games, making things more exciting. Games include Yukon, Spiderette, Scotch Patience, Klondike Dea 3, Baker’s Game, FreeCell, etc.

6. Solitaire *(Star)

Sure, solitaire is an interesting game. However, playing the same old game can get boring sometimes. Thankfully, there are many ways to add some fun and twists to your play. If this is what you want, then you need the Solitaire * app. It has 36 different solitaire games and offers all of them for free. The games included are unique and have their own challenges giving players a different look and feel about Solitaire.

Also, they are offered in HD, and you’ll love the auto-complete moves feature included. Players are given detailed statistics of their play and they can favorite their games to let the developers know what they like.

Furthermore, apart from playing your game anywhere with this app, you can also listen to iPod music while playing. Solitaire * additionally includes the undo features that help you make useful moves. Some games featured on this app include Canfield Solitaire, Baker’s Game, Pyramid Solitaire, Russian Solitaire, Klondike, and Free Cell, among others.

7. Epic Solitaire Collection

The app includes a large library of “patience games” under one place. There are 826 variations, including popular classics like FreeCell, Yukon, and Spider solitaire. Whether you want to challenge your mind with a difficult game or you simply want to calm it, you can be certain of finding something that you like on this app.

It offers retina displays and a user-friendly interface that has everything organized where it belongs. And if you think that finding a game you like is hard because of the huge selection, you couldn’t be more wrong. Individuals can use navigation features like search game by name, most popular category, a new category, and an advanced search feature to find the solitaire variant they love.

The app stores scores and statistics of all the games you’ve played. Therefore, you can easily determine those that you have mostly played, those you have won, and find new ones that may interest you.

Some games featured include Forty Thieves, Duchess, Gap, Baker’s Game, Canfield, Pyramid, Russian, Spider, Agnes (on iPad only), etc. Plus, you can learn about the rules of a game and its terms if you’re trying a new game.

8. Card Shark Solitaire

One of the things individuals consider when choosing a solitaire game app is how responsive and smooth it is. Along with these features, Card Shark Solitaire offers excellent graphics and other tools to help you enjoy gaming on this platform.

Anyone can play here comfortably since the cards are big enough, making it easy for any size of fingers to tap them. Plus, there are many card tables and backs to choose from, or if you like, you can add your photos to the available cards.

You’ll also love the drag and drop interface on this site that allows you to drag and drop cards. We should also mention that simply by tapping the foundation piles, this auto-plays compatible piles. Some games supported by this app include Forty Thieves, Memory Match, Spider Solitaire, FreeCell Solitaire, and the popular Klondike Solitaire, among others.

The app features a quick load time, smooth animations presented with 3D graphics, different card styles, and tables, left/right-handed play, etc. Additionally, players can take advantage of the redo and undo button features to make useful moves that will lead to their victory.

9. Solitaire City

Solitaire City, by Digital Smoke, is an impressive app offering many solitaire variants. The app has an online leaderboard and tracks your best performances. Therefore, allowing players to upload online their scores that have been achieved through strict competitions that are timed. Note that online tracking uses a lot of data, which can be expensive for those on the cellular network. It’s why Solitaire City’s online leaderboard is opt-in, meaning you can switch it off and on whenever you like.

While there’s no music, the app includes great card sound effects as well as perfectly designed animations, which makes it more interesting. Players can choose the game they want to play from the 70 games available, which are all presented horizontally and vertically. If you don’t know how to play a game, you can simply watch the tutorial offered by this app when the game is starting.

Additionally, you can customize your game by using your photos as card backs or background and creating your own themes. The app includes options for both left and right-handed people. Plus, you can listen to iTunes music while playing. Some games include Tri-peaks, Double Klondike, Pyramid, Yukon, etc.

10. Full Deck Solitaire

Want to play other solitaire options and not the popular choices? Download the Full Deck Solitaire app. It will spice things up with the various solitaire variants it offers. It features 71 different games, and we love that it stores all of a player’s statistics regardless of the game they play. You can check your statistics, usually presented in a graph form, whenever you like. This will let you know of the games you have played, the hours you’ve spent on each game, and your best score.

Full Deck Solitaire was developed by a Mom and Daughter who both loved solitaire. It comes with a user-friendly interface. And its many game variations mean that players are kept busy all through. If you’re stuck, there’s a smart three hint feature that suggests the moves you can play and can shake the cards for you to see those moves clearly.

There is also the smart deck feature that shows you how many cards are remaining within a specific deck. Other features include daily challenges and customization options that allow you to change your wallpaper and background. Some of the games included are FreeCell, Cruel Solitaire, Baker’s Game, Double Klondike, Russian Solitaire, Pyramid, Tri-peaks, etc.

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