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Welcome to Paradise! Help Zoey bring warmth and comfort back to this puzzling island through the goodness of her family’s homemade ice cream. It’s up to you and a spunky cast of characters to keep the takeover of corporate ice cream at bay!

Cruise the island in your traveling ice cream truck, solving scrumptiously fun puzzles and setting up new ice cream shops to grow your local business. Match mouthwatering treats on a sleek game board to feed a peculiar cast of peckish pals. Take on the corporate boss Mother Moo and thwart her sinister efforts to steal your recipes!


  • Exciting match-3 levels: stunning graphics and crackling cascades

  • Unique objective: take over corporate ice cream stands and restore them to local glory!

  • A mischievous cast of characters: hundreds of tropical levels full of unique friends and customers

  • Satisfying gameplay: unlock powerful boosters and uncover dozens of special items - Rocket Pops, Snow Cones & fizzingly explosive Root Beer Floats!

  • Invite your Facebook friends: share lives with friends and race against them for bragging rights




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